as you can imagine, there are not many quiet moments in a house with leslie and lucy.  rather than quiet, our house has a steady hum of make-believe princesses getting ready for the ball, justin bieber dance parties (oh, how i love a good justin bieber dance session!), cartoons, whistling (leslie’s newest accomplishment), and the occasional argument between sisters.  i love the soundtrack of our lives, and i love the noise, but it makes the quiet seem all that more precious.

i started 2013 with a promise to myself.  a promise rather than a resolution, because somewhere along the way, the word “resolution” lost its weight for me.  it became something that was okay to break.  but this year, THIS YEAR, i promised to be quiet more – to be intentional about being quiet – and to listen.  in a house with constant noise, this has not been an easy promise to keep, but i’ve been doing it.  i’m waking up at 5:00 every morning during the week.  yes, 5:00am.  it is super early, but the house is so quiet.  so i read, and i pray, drink coffee, and listen.  it is glorious.  i seriously do not know how i functioned for so long without the quiet.  i’ve heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  so far, i’m 15 for 15 in 2013, and feeling good about my chances of making it to 21.

Photo Jan 03, 5 39 22 AMthe girls have also noticed that i’m spending time being quiet on the weekends (obviously, i’m the only one up at 5am on weekdays so there are no witnesses to that!).  in fact, last sunday, lucy was being impossible (as 4 year olds sometimes are) and i was yelling discussing her behavior with her.  leslie came over, tapped me on the shoulder, and said, “excuse me, mommy.  i think you need to go have a little quiet time with jesus.”  how right you are, sweet leslie…how right you are.


1 thought on “silence

  1. Bridge

    5 is so so early! But I think we do hear Jesus best in the quiet – which makes it easier to train our ears to hear Him in the noise too. Love you, dearest friend. Come over soon!


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