2013 already?  how is that even possible?  more importantly, how is it possible that my two children, who would not nap on new year’s eve, stayed up until 2:30 in the morning on new year’s?!?  they were serious troopers.  we spent our new year’s eve with some friends who have two kids the exact same ages as leslie and lucy.  leslie and caroline are best friends forever (bff for those of you hip on the lingo), and caroline’s little brother ben is seriously the love of lucy’s life (and the feeling is mutual, lest you think that lucy is some crazed four-year-old man-chaser).  the kids had a great time playing, and the adults enjoyed a few board games and lots of delicious food.  we counted down to midnight as the ball dropped, and the party was complete with noise makers and silly hats.  there was champagne for the grown ups and sparkling grape juice for the younger crowd.



sadly for goose, her sweet ben just couldn’t make it to midnight, so she sneaked into his room and planted a little kiss on his cheek.  he stirred, and she said, “happy new year, ben.”  be still my heart.

after midnight, the girls enjoyed some dancing (and maybe even argued over whose boyfriend justin bieber is).  we knew bedtime was necessary when lucy had a crazy meltdown because leslie didn’t want her to turn the lights off.  she was literally wailing.  i guess after being awake for close to 20 hours, her little body was ready to crash.

no major resolutions at the forston house this year other than trying to be more present in our day-to-day lives.  i’m focusing on spending more quality time with the girls…less tv, more books, and lots of games (l&l’s current favorites are these go fish and old maid games).  we played old maid yesterday after school, and when lucy ended up holding the old maid card she yelled, “i’m not the old maid!  i’m not even a teenager yet!”  so maybe 2013 will also include some lessons in being a graceful loser old maid…



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