christmas recap

happy 2013!

our family had the best christmas.  leslie and lucy are at the perfect ages for all the wonder and joy of the season, and michael and i soaked up every second of it.  we celebrated first with michael’s parents on the friday before christmas.  they were heading to visit michael’s sister for the holiday and stopped on their way through town.  we went to the candlelight service at southland on saturday night, and aside from lucy almost setting her hair on fire, it was a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of jesus with our sweet girls.


on christmas morning, we had breakfast at our house, lunch at me-maw’s, and dinner at ma’s…it was an intense amount of eating and celebrating, but the girls loved it all.  santa brought a dollhouse, and it was a huge, huge hit.  



a few days after christmas, leslie woke up to snow on the ground and shouted, “it’s a christmas miracle!”  she had so hoped for a white christmas, and was thrilled to find that white blanket.  all she wanted to do was throw snow balls and drink hot cocoa, and this mommy was happy to oblige.  it was really a great day (and the girls were both so exhausted that they fell asleep earlier than usual, which made for a great night, too!).


the rest of our break was spent taking the christmas decorations down and relaxing.  we watched an embarrassing amount of tv, including all the movies our girls received.  lucy’s favorite is ‘brave’ because of the part where one of the men moons his comrades and says, “feast your eyes!”  she reenacts that moment for us at least once a day!  

the girls have really been loving playing with their rabbits lately, and they’ve also become more involved in taking care of them.  we can’t tell if the bunnies appreciate it or not, but regardless, they are getting plenty of love and attention from l&l:


(notice lucy’s lack of pants…all the more easy for her to moon us!)

new year’s eve post coming soon…as a teaser, i will tell you that our girls stayed up until 2:30am…

hope your holiday was everything you wanted it to be!

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