cincinnati weekend

this past weekend, we took the girls to cincinnati to visit with yia yia and roro.  it had been too long since our last visit, and our friends had just welcomed their third baby into the world a month prior, so it was a trip that was long overdue.  we drove up saturday morning, had brunch, and then visited the train exhibit at the krohn conservatory.  the girls loved watching the trains and looking at all the miniature cincinnati landmarks.



once we were satisfied that we had seen everything, we headed to the movies.  l&l had been wanting to see ‘rise of the guardians.’  it was actually much better than i thought it would be, which was a pleasant surprise.  the girls, of course, loved every single second of it.  leslie cried when it looked like the boogey man might triumph over the guardians, and lucy was glued to the screen (in between shoving junior mints into her mouth at a pace to rival her daddy’s).  in the end, i think the adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids, which was awesome.

dinner was at wild ginger.  y.u.m.  this might be my favorite restaurant in cincinnati.  if you go there, have a sunny roll…out of this world delicious.

roro had to leave sunday morning for a meeting in new mexico, so the girls hung out with yia yia while michael and i went to visit the smallest member of one of our favorite cincinnati families.  miss frances is adorable.  you will have to take my word for it, because somehow we didn’t take a single picture of her!  shame on us.  

after a late lunch, we made the trip back home and got our very sleepy girls in bed early.  and now the week has begun…christmas will be here before we know it, and i have two girls who might not make it another 7 days.  they are beyond excited, and this mommy is loving this season with my two precious girls.  let the countdown begin…

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