what’s better than santa?

we took the girls (and the dogs…because we are THOSE people) this weekend to have their pictures taken with santa claus.  it was hilarious, and i will post pictures as soon as i have them.  as we were waiting to preview our pictures, a nice lady came in with her giant golden retriever (duncan).  i should mention that we were at a pet store to have our santa pictures taken.  they have the best santa in town, and they let you bring your kids, animals, and whatever else you can think of.  in fact, a couple of years ago someone brought their chicken to have its picture taken with the man in red.  anyway, back to duncan.  duncan’s mom asked if she could leave him with us while she got her other dogs.  of course, the girls were thrilled with the idea of getting to watch duncan.  after two trips to her car to get her other dogs, this is what ensued…


2012-12-08 14.35.12 2012-12-08 14.35.15so…the only thing better than santa?  PUPPIES!



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