isn’t it funny how certain dates just kind of sneak up on you?  you can be sitting at your desk, having a normal morning, when all of the sudden that tiny little reminder jumps off the computer screen and smacks you square on the forehead.  well, today is one of those days.

december is always a month of contradictions for me, especially now that i have leslie and lucy.  on one hand, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.  the lights, the decorations, and the promise of hope that comes with celebrating the birth of jesus.  plus, the wonder of the season that comes with giving and receiving gifts, spending time with family, and that jolly red elf in the red suit.  it is more fun than i ever could have imagined to experience all of that through the eyes of my two daughters.  but, december is also full of reminders of those who aren’t with us anymore.  twenty-one years ago (it seems impossible that it’s been that long), on the 22nd of this month, my mom passed away.  and it was messy and awful and so, so sad.

and then there’s today.  seven years ago today, on the 7th, the best man i ever knew (sorry, michael) died suddenly on his way to work.  i can still remember what i was wearing, the words my principal spoke when she told me, and michael’s face when he picked me up to drive me to the hospital.  that day, and all of its details, still feel like it could have been yesterday.

so, today i will take a little time to reflect on pa’s life and how incredibly blessed i am to have spent almost 26 years of mine with him.  if you had the pleasure of knowing him, i’m sure you will agree that it was a life worthy of much celebration.  he was so instrumental in me becoming who i am today, and for that i will forever be grateful.  i know that he’s watching over us, and i love that my girls frequently talk about pa even though they never knew him.


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