life has been so busy lately, and there seems to not be an end in sight.  last weekend we had our board of directors in town for a meeting, so work was crazy getting all the last minute details in place and being present for the meeting.  i put the girls to bed on wednesday night, and then didn’t see them again until saturday afternoon.  lots of late  nights and early mornings = tired mommy.  but michael finally got to meet most of the board members on saturday night, which was nice.  at least now when he hears their names he can picture their faces, too.  we had a board/staff dinner at village host pizza.  if you’ve not tried it yet, shame on you!  the pizza is delicious, the salad bar is amazing, and the appetizers?  let’s just say it’s hard to go wrong with fried pickles on the menu.  it was a casual, laid back kind of evening, which gave everyone a chance to mingle and get to know each other a little better.  one great thing about this job is that our board and our staff genuinely enjoy spending time together.  not many board presidents would pose for a picture like the one below.  (please ignore the bizarre yellow tint of the picture and my very sleepy, mostly closed eyes.)

it’s always a relief when the board meetings are over.  planning them isn’t really difficult, but there’s lots of stress involved, and i’m kind of a control freak, so i tend to have a hard time giving over the reins and letting someone else actually execute all the plans i’ve made.  i mean, if malone’s would have just let ME prepare dinner…  🙂

tomorrow we leave for virginia.  michael’s little brother is getting married on sunday, and we’re all in the wedding.  leslie and lucy are beyond excited about their roles as flower girls.  i promise to take lots of pictures (or have somebody else take the pictures since it might be inappropriate for the bridesmaid to take pictures of her adorable daughters coming down the aisle).  after the wedding we get to spend a night with bridget and brian, which i’m so looking forward to.  then it’s off to south carolina for some time with michael’s sister and the ocean.  a fun way to spend a vacation, full of so many people i love!





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