no pictures yet

i had every intention of being a rockstar mom and having pictures! and videos! and stories!  turns out, i’m just your regular, run-of-the-mill, working mom who has barely had time to keep up with l & l’s busy summer schedules (swimming! horseback riding! playdates! oh my!).  don’t worry…the pictures have made it from the camera to the computer, and the video is almost finished…so things are moving in the right direction…just not super quickly.


instead of pictures, all i have are some very random stories about my lovelies today.


this morning, on our drive to school (at 6:00am…snore), we passed the farm that we pass every morning.  the cows were out in full force, close enough to the fence that the girls could see them.  there were mommies and babies, black and brown (no pink, much to l & l’s dismay), and then there was a donkey.  i’ve noticed the lone donkey before, but he’s (she’s?) never been close enough to the fence for the girls to see him.  so today was kind of a big deal.  “the donkey!  mommy!  the donkey!”  (i think they thought i was kidding about the donkey all this time.)  leslie starts wondering out loud why on earth there’s a donkey in the field with all the cows (maybe he thinks he’s a cow? maybe his mommy left him and the mommy cow took care of him?), and lucy says (very matter-of-factly), “it’s waiting for my jesus.”  duh.  of course it is.  and just like that, leslie was satisfied that the donkey was just hanging out in a field with some cows waiting for jesus.


last night began an exciting chapter of the girls’ lives…we started reading ‘little house in the big woods.’  we made it all the way through the first chapter!  24 pages!  of mostly words and only a few pictures!  miraculous!  leslie loved it, and lucy actually sat still for tolerated most of it…which is an improvement over her nightly routine of bouncing on the bed and trying to perfect her wrestling moves during story time.  there were tears when pa killed the pig, groans when mary and laura ate the pig’s tail, and a few shivers when the wolves howled at the moon.  hard to believe my baby girls are big enough to sit through and enjoy their first chapter book.  i just hope they will love this series as much as i did…and if they like the tv show too i probably won’t be able to contain myself!  i had a serious little girl crush on michael landon.  (highway to heaven? my favorite!)


in other news, leslie has developed some bizarre notion about japanese people.  one night last week she got out of the bath tub, got her nightgown on, and whispered in my ear, “hey, mommy…let’s disguise ourselves as japanese people and steal lucy’s panties!”  huh?  what?  excuse me?  why do we have to be japanese to steal lucy’s panties?  and, more importantly, why do we want to steal lucy’s panties at all?  so many questions…i would just love to know where she comes up with these things.


pictures are coming.  i promise.


and if you’re so inclined, click over to this blog that i just love and send sarah some happy thoughts as she enjoys harry potter!


and here’s a picture, courtesy of kayla.  thanks for being more punctual than i am, kayla.

lucy is hard to please, but i think she approves of her sister’s makeup.


3 thoughts on “no pictures yet

  1. Sarah

    Aw, I had no idea you have a blog! How great 🙂 Your girls are adorable.

    I can’t wait to be able to read Henry chapter books. I am so happy the girls enjoyed thier first chapter!

    Also, the story about stealing Lucy’s panties made me laugh out loud at work 🙂



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