one for uncle erin

i have lots of words about my girls’ “uncle erin.”  she turns 32 today.  hard to believe it’s been two years since i posted this for her 30th.


when i posted leslie’s birthday wishes, lucy was only 8 months old. erin and i had been friends for, oh, about 8 months (she and i first really hung out when she joined her big sister bridget on a trip to kentucky and took lucy’s newborn photos).  those newborn photos are precious for two reasons: first, because they captured my lucy as a sweet, brand-new ball of newborn joy; and also because it was the start of a friendship that i cherish.  it is such a blessing when a friendship expands the boundaries of your family…and the forstons couldn’t be happier to have her.


so, happy birthday uncle erin.  we love you love you love you.


One thought on “one for uncle erin

  1. justmetoyou

    Ummmm somehow missed this on my birthday. Uncle Erin is so, so, so grateful to have you in my life. Love you.


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