just a few thoughts

the weather is warming up (finally), and we have had more than 3 days without rain (finally).  it’s amazing what a difference a little sunshine makes.  leslie and lucy are so, so much happier now that they can go outside and play after school.  bedtime is easier because they are actually tired.  and we are slipping into the familiar later-than-usual bedtime routine that comes with summer.  the past couple of nights have been spent planting our garden, taking pb&j to the park for a little dinner and play, and having our favorite neighbors over for after dinner popsicles.  i love that these are the things my girls will remember from their childhood.

i have worried about these summer days since i started work last september.  there’s just not a better time to be a stay-at-home mom than the summer, so i have dreaded the return of warm weather and sunshine because i knew it would make me question my decision to go back to work.  but you know what?  so far, it has only reinforced it.  after being at work all day, the moments i get to spend with my girls outside feel more significant than ever, and i feel like i’m more able to be completely present with them in those moments.  it’s a trade off, this work thing…but we’re doing just fine.

and because he’s adorable and not mentioned very often (if ever?) on this blog, here’s a picture of tag that i just love:


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