last night

two posts in two days?  nothing short of amazing, folks.

last night we celebrated leslie’s birthday in style at a local mexican restaurant.  she wore the sombrero, had ice cream rubbed in her face, and ate a most delicious strawberry cake from our favorite bakery.  kayla, uncle david, and auntie rosie came with us, so there was lots of picture taking, laughter, and fun had by all.  i will post pictures later, once i manage to get them off of my camera, onto the computer, and uploaded to the blog…so please don’t hold your breath.

and now, for the point of this entry.  after all the celebrating was done, bodies were scrubbed, hair was washed, teeth were brushed, and pajamas were donned, my birthday girl climbed into her bed and snuggled down under the covers.  as she was drifting off to sleep, i said, “since you are five today, here are five things i love about you.”  and i listed five things.  and with each thing, her smile got a little bigger.  and by the end, she was actually sitting up in her bed.  and then she looked at me, put both her hands under my chin, and said, “and now let me tell you four things i love about you.”  and she listed four things.  and i could feel my smile getting bigger with each thing she listed.  so when michael came up from downstairs to tell the girls goodnight, i said, “since leslie is five today, tell her five things you love about her.”  and he did.  and she smiled.  and then she told him four things she loves about him.  and guess what?  he smiled a huge smile.  so then we decided to wrap lucy into the fun, so i said, “hey, leslie…since lucy is two, why don’t you tell her two things you love about her.”  so leslie said, “lucy, i love that your brain is so smart and that you are such a silly sister.”  and (you will be shocked by this) lucy smiled.  and i said, “lucy, since it is leslie’s birthday, tell her one thing you love about her.”

and in true silly lucy fashion, she said, “toots.”  and the entire family collapsed with the kind of laughter that makes you have to catch your breath and causes tears to roll down your cheeks.  our family went to bed last night knowing we were loved.  and that’s a pretty awesome birthday gift if i do say so myself.


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