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last weekend, we took the girls to visit grandparents in cincinnati.  that visit included a trip to krohn conservatory and the annual butterfly show.  16,000 butterflies in a room+lots of  unless you’re lucy…then, fun probably isn’t an accurate descriptor.

she spent most of her time veryclose to a grown-up, just in case a butterfly came close enough to her that it might land.


leslie, however, loved every second of it.  the more butterflies, the better…and if one landed on her?  BONUS!

even roro made a new friend:

what a fun way to spend a saturday!

one for uncle erin

i have lots of words about my girls’ “uncle erin.”  she turns 32 today.  hard to believe it’s been two years since i posted this for her 30th.


when i posted leslie’s birthday wishes, lucy was only 8 months old. erin and i had been friends for, oh, about 8 months (she and i first really hung out when she joined her big sister bridget on a trip to kentucky and took lucy’s newborn photos).  those newborn photos are precious for two reasons: first, because they captured my lucy as a sweet, brand-new ball of newborn joy; and also because it was the start of a friendship that i cherish.  it is such a blessing when a friendship expands the boundaries of your family…and the forstons couldn’t be happier to have her.


so, happy birthday uncle erin.  we love you love you love you.

just a few thoughts

the weather is warming up (finally), and we have had more than 3 days without rain (finally).  it’s amazing what a difference a little sunshine makes.  leslie and lucy are so, so much happier now that they can go outside and play after school.  bedtime is easier because they are actually tired.  and we are slipping into the familiar later-than-usual bedtime routine that comes with summer.  the past couple of nights have been spent planting our garden, taking pb&j to the park for a little dinner and play, and having our favorite neighbors over for after dinner popsicles.  i love that these are the things my girls will remember from their childhood.

i have worried about these summer days since i started work last september.  there’s just not a better time to be a stay-at-home mom than the summer, so i have dreaded the return of warm weather and sunshine because i knew it would make me question my decision to go back to work.  but you know what?  so far, it has only reinforced it.  after being at work all day, the moments i get to spend with my girls outside feel more significant than ever, and i feel like i’m more able to be completely present with them in those moments.  it’s a trade off, this work thing…but we’re doing just fine.

and because he’s adorable and not mentioned very often (if ever?) on this blog, here’s a picture of tag that i just love:

mother’s day 2011

mother’s day for me is a mixed bag.  i love that we set aside a day to celebrate moms…especially now that i fall into that category.  but it also makes me sad that my own mom isn’t around to celebrate/be celebrated.  fortunately, i have lots of ladies who have stepped up and filled that void.  so yesterday, for the most part, was a day full of life, love, and lots of celebrations.  here’s a peek at how we celebrated in photos.  (and can we just take a minute to talk about how cute ma is? i love the picture of her and leslie.)

last night

two posts in two days?  nothing short of amazing, folks.

last night we celebrated leslie’s birthday in style at a local mexican restaurant.  she wore the sombrero, had ice cream rubbed in her face, and ate a most delicious strawberry cake from our favorite bakery.  kayla, uncle david, and auntie rosie came with us, so there was lots of picture taking, laughter, and fun had by all.  i will post pictures later, once i manage to get them off of my camera, onto the computer, and uploaded to the blog…so please don’t hold your breath.

and now, for the point of this entry.  after all the celebrating was done, bodies were scrubbed, hair was washed, teeth were brushed, and pajamas were donned, my birthday girl climbed into her bed and snuggled down under the covers.  as she was drifting off to sleep, i said, “since you are five today, here are five things i love about you.”  and i listed five things.  and with each thing, her smile got a little bigger.  and by the end, she was actually sitting up in her bed.  and then she looked at me, put both her hands under my chin, and said, “and now let me tell you four things i love about you.”  and she listed four things.  and i could feel my smile getting bigger with each thing she listed.  so when michael came up from downstairs to tell the girls goodnight, i said, “since leslie is five today, tell her five things you love about her.”  and he did.  and she smiled.  and then she told him four things she loves about him.  and guess what?  he smiled a huge smile.  so then we decided to wrap lucy into the fun, so i said, “hey, leslie…since lucy is two, why don’t you tell her two things you love about her.”  so leslie said, “lucy, i love that your brain is so smart and that you are such a silly sister.”  and (you will be shocked by this) lucy smiled.  and i said, “lucy, since it is leslie’s birthday, tell her one thing you love about her.”

and in true silly lucy fashion, she said, “toots.”  and the entire family collapsed with the kind of laughter that makes you have to catch your breath and causes tears to roll down your cheeks.  our family went to bed last night knowing we were loved.  and that’s a pretty awesome birthday gift if i do say so myself.


since going back to work, this blog has been beyond neglected.  turns out, working moms are busy.  too busy to blog most days.  but today is special…today, my once-upon-a-time baby girl turns 5.  and honestly, it makes my heart hurt a little bit.  okay, maybe it makes my heart hurt a lot.  when i look back at pictures like this one:

…it is astonishing how much my baby girl has grown, learned, and accomplished in what seems like the blink of an eye.  she is so full of joy, and she has been such a blessing to our family.  this beautiful baby has turned into an amazing little girl.  she continues to bless our lives in the most amazing ways, and i couldn’t love her any more if i tried.

happy birthday, princess!