Monthly Archives: October 2010


if i tried to count the number of times i have started and stopped weight watchers in my lifetime, i would have to use both hands.  each time, my success has been directly proportional to the amount of effort i’ve put in…funny how that works.  well, six months ago i recommitted.  i realized that when i would look in the mirror and comment on how fat i was, michael was still saying things like, “but you just had a baby.”  lucy was 18 months old when i started ww.  she was certainly not a baby, and i most certainly had not just had her.  but michael was a good husband, so he indulged me a little bit.

when i walked through the doors of my first ww meeting, i felt sick.  sure, i had two babies to show for my massive weight gain, but it was still embarrassing to walk through the doors.  walking through the doors was admitting that i couldn’t do it on my own.  i’d been trying for 18 months, to no avail.  i needed help.  at least i knew where to go to get it.

i weighted 203.4 pounds that day.  a number that i promised myself i would never have to see again.  and i looked something like this:

it was definitely time for a change.  and i was finally ready.  so, after 6 months of counting points, going to meetings, and trying to make better choices, i finally reached my goal weight on tuesday night.  now begins a period of maintenance, which will hopefully teach me how to maintain a weight rather than losing or, god forbid, gaining.  one thing i know for sure is that i will never, ever see the number 203.4 again when stepping on the scale.  and knowing that feels amazing.