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father’s day

this post is, admittedly, more than a week overdue.  but it’s been busy around here.  really busy.  plus, lucy had diarrhea for a few days, and being her stubborn self, refused to wear a diaper, so i was busy running around cleaning up after her.  and somewhere in the middle of all that, father’s day happened.  and it was great.  michael got an apple tree from the girls that he planted in our backyard.  leslie can’t wait to have apples that she can pick, and lucy likes to point to it and say, “apple?”  in addition, he got a photo/video montage that might have made his eyes water a little bit.  you can check it out at the bottom of this post.

but first, a few thoughts on father’s day…because since i’m a week late, i should at least expound on it a little bit.  i have been completely blessed by the men in my life.  growing up with pa as my father figure was more that i could have asked for, but exactly what i needed.  in that absence of my dad, pa stepped in and treated me just like i was his own daughter.  i can only imagine that that was a pretty scary thing to do.  he was nearing the age when retirement was in the not-so-distant future, his own daughters were both out of the house, and i’m sure he wasn’t thinking, ‘gosh, i really wish we had another baby to take care of.’  but then i came along.  and i needed him to do exactly what he did.  and he did it with grace, love, and joy.  and that is pretty amazing.

my dad and i had kind of a rocky start.  when i came along, he wasn’t really ready for the whole fatherhood gig.  but he tried.  and i know that he loved me even though he wasn’t around to tell me everyday.  and then, i turned 16 and looked up his phone number in the phone book one day.  and i called it.  and when he answered, i hung up.  i wasn’t really sure what i wanted to say, but i knew i wanted to say something.  i have vivid memories of dialing his phone number, hearing the ‘clutch and brake’ (that was the name of his business) on the other end of the phone, and hanging up.  but one day i didn’t hang up.  i probably said something profound like, ‘hi, dad.  it’s kara.’  and from there, a new relationship blossomed.  one that’s pretty different from the relationship most girls have with their fathers, but one that is perfect for us.  it works.  we’re in a good place right now.  he has taught me a lot, and i love him more than i ever thought i would.  also, he’s one of the most interesting people i know, and he can tell a story in a way that is completely captivating.  i’m proud that he’s my dad, and i love that he’s my girls’ ‘happy.’

and then there’s michael.  he is hands down the perfect dad for our girls and the perfect partner for me.  we are so blessed, and i love him to the sky and back.

happy (late) father’s day to all the dads out there.

dance explosion

saturday night was leslie’s big night in the spotlight, and she loved every second of it.  her version of the dances were hilarious, and everyone loved her pelvic thrust action.  the girls all did really well…especially considering their teacher was in the hospital having her baby and not there to help them from the sidelines.  congratulations to miss kristin and her sweet baby eliza jane!