the aftermath

last weekend, we had leslie’s birthday party on saturday.  birthday parties are tiring…especially when they are followed by baby dedication sunday and mother’s day the very next day.  it’s taken me the better part of a week to get the house picked up, the laundry is still sitting in piles all over the basement, and we still have leftover birthday cake that taunts me from the kitchen counter every time i pass by…but it was totally worth it.  the smiles on leslie’s face?  the squeals from her baby sister?  having the whole family here?  seeing michael’s mom’s genuine joy because all of her kids were together for mother’s day?  just a few of the reasons last weekend will go down as one of our all-time best.  if you were lucky enough to share in some or all of it with us, thank you.  and if not, we missed you.  here’s a little bit of what you missed:

the cake.  seriously awesome.sunglasses.  and there were matching flip flops.lucy got in on the sunglasses/flip flop action, too.the birthday girl.  opening presents.we have watched this movie at least ten times this week.  and it’s not awesome, but she loves it.this dress twirls.  and we love it.this ariel changes color in the bathtub.  she is super cool.sufficiently protected for the impending ride on her new big girl bike.her first time on the new bike.and lucy’s first time on the new bike.  auntie e was glad she got to be here for the celebration.a good-bye hug from one of our favorite friends.this is some of what forston boys do when they get together.uncle will is a little too big for lucy’s tricycle.  but just a little.

so now we have a four-year-old.  and she loves it.  she tells everybody, “i’m this many,” holds up her four sweet fingers, and then counts them, “one, two, three, FOUR!”  it’s adorable.  so thank you for making her day extra special.  i know it was one that she will not soon forget.


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