is four.  hard to believe that just four years ago she was a newborn lump of sweetness that cried a lot, slept all day, and completely changed our life.

dear leslie,

what an exciting four years you have brought us!  our family is better because you are part of it.  you have a laugh that is infectious, and you bring joy to a room just by walking into it.  you are smart, beautiful, kind, and wonderful in ways no one has even realized yet.  i am sure that your life holds many amazing things.  it is so much fun to watch you grow, learn, and become a young lady.  i am lucky to be your mommy, and i can’t wait to see what the next year holds.  my prayer for you is that you would continue to love without fear, dance to your own music, and live joyfully.  you are such a blessing.

i couldn’t love you more,



3 thoughts on “juice

  1. Tricia

    Wow! Look at all that hair she had as a baby! She is still beautiful!! You are a lucky mommy!! Happy Birthday, Leslie!!

  2. justmetoyou

    Uncle Erin is very sad she could not make an appearance to celebrate this little piece of goodness entrusted to you and Michael. She is worthy of celebrating!

  3. judi

    Happy birthday Miss Leslie Faye! My, how she has transformed in such a short time from a tiny baby to such a lovely girl. Photo #10 reveals a glimpse of the beautiful woman she will become.


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