Monthly Archives: April 2010

it’s been too long.

we’ve been too busy around here to even think about blogging.  today has been a pretty quiet day though, so i thought i’d take a minute and do a quick update.  last week, michael turned 28.  we celebrated with a special breakfast from panera and a season from one of his favorite shows.  he has lots of tv watching to get caught up on now.  the night of his birthday kayla came over and watched the girlies so that we could have dinner at the melting pot.  yum.  it was nice to spend 2 hours on a meal and not have to worry about who was throwing food to the dogs or spilling their chocolate milk.  plus, the girls love their time with kayla, so it was win-win-win!  ma had a special birthday brunch for him the weekend before, complete with breakfast casserole, a coffee cake, and 28 candles.  last weekend, he got to go on a fishing trip with his dad, uncle, and cousin in tennessee.  i survived my 3 days as a single mom with relatively few disasters, although i do have a new respect for women who manage single motherhood…it is not easy.  so, today has been a getting-back-to-normal sort of day.  leslie has discovered ‘dora,’ and since it’s a yucky, rainy, cold day i let her spend her quiet time in our bed watching it on netflix.  she is a happy camper.  here are a few pictures from our busy time away from blogging.