disney on ice, etc.

last weekend was busy, busy, busy.  on friday, lucy hung out with ma so that leslie and i could go to disney princess on ice.  for leslie, it was a little preview of what heaven will be like.  she l.o.v.e.d it.  a lot.  it helped that michael and i sprung for front row tickets. the genie came over and sat down next to us.  (he even played with my hair!)  and when prince charming was searching for cinderella, the duke tried the glass slipper on leslie’s foot.  amazing.  after he left she turned to me and said (in her most serious voice), “mommy!  they need to come back and try that glass slipper on my ‘nother foot so they can know who i am and i can marry prince charming!”  unfortunately, they did not come back, so leslie is left waiting a little longer for her prince.  here are some pictures:

This is what I got when I said, “SMILE!”

Mickey & Minnie waved to us.

Cinderella cried when her mean step-sisters ruined her dress.

Leslie’s favorite…Ariel & Eric.

Grumpy frowned at us.

And Leslie practiced her picture-taking skills.

after we left disney on ice, i drove the girls halfway to cincinnati and met michael’s mom.  she took the kids so that michael and i could go to ben & sarah’s wedding on saturday.  it was a late night, and the girls were due for some yia-yia & roro time.  kid-free weekends are rare, and we both missed our girls, but it was nice to be able to sleep past 6:30 in the morning!  ben & sarah’s wedding was beautiful, as i’m sure their life together will also be.  congratulations, you two!

the girls at the rehearsal dinner

we have been friends since first grade.  and beth has her eyes closed.  sorry, beth.

mary jane and me.  she is ben’s mom.  and she is my girls’ mimi.  and i love her like she was my own mom.  proof that when god closes a door, he opens a window.  and in this case, what an awesome window it was.

beth kept her eyes open this time.

with our respective husbands.  (don’t worry, kyle…i’ll leave out the story about you & lynn in the bathroom…)

once upon a time, we were in middle school.  and we didn’t always get along, as middle school girls are prone to do.  and chuck drove us to school every day.  bless him.  amen.


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