i can’t believe it’s already march.  2010 has flown by so far, and while i’m definitely ready for spring, it still doesn’t seem like it should be  march already!  we’ve had a few nice days, which we’ve all enjoyed.  the girls have been playing outside on their playset.  on friday i put lucy in the swing and she squealed for the first five minutes.  while lucy was swinging, leslie was playing in the house part of the playset.  i asked her something and she said, “mommy, i am not leslie.  i’m the princess of laughter, and i live in this castle with my sister, the princess of joy.”  the princesses have so enjoyed their time in the sunshine!  after such a cold winter, it’s definitely a blessing to have warmer days ahead.

next week we leave for a much-needed, much-anticipated trip south to texas to see aunt bridget, uncle erin, and the rest of our texas friends.  it’s a “girls only” trip, so michael will stay behind to work, plant some vegetables, and relax.  i am definitely looking forward to taking the girls on a little vacation, but the logistics of traveling so far with my two princesses is cause for some concern.  lucy has never flown before, and leslie hasn’t flown since she was ten months old, so it will be interesting.  luckily, ma is coming with us to visit her best friend who also lives in texas.  they haven’t seen each other since michael and i got married, so their time together is long overdue.  plus, having ma’s extra help on the airplanes and in the airports might just keep me sane.  maybe.  assuming we survive the travel time, our time in texas is sure to be fun, fun, fun.  leslie is super excited about it…mostly about aunt bridget’s two puppies and getting to play with amber’s munchkins.  and mommy is excited about being in the same space as some of her favorite people for a few days.  lucy doesn’t really seem all that excited, but i’m sure she’ll have a wonderful time once we get there!  i’ll be sure to post some pictures of our trip when we return (and there are sure to be many, since lots of our time will be spent with these gals), but for now here are a few from the other day.  leslie and lucy each got a baby be blessed doll for christmas…they were a big hit!

and who knew kayla’s sunglasses would be so much fun?!?


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