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disney on ice, etc.

last weekend was busy, busy, busy.  on friday, lucy hung out with ma so that leslie and i could go to disney princess on ice.  for leslie, it was a little preview of what heaven will be like.  she l.o.v.e.d it.  a lot.  it helped that michael and i sprung for front row tickets. the genie came over and sat down next to us.  (he even played with my hair!)  and when prince charming was searching for cinderella, the duke tried the glass slipper on leslie’s foot.  amazing.  after he left she turned to me and said (in her most serious voice), “mommy!  they need to come back and try that glass slipper on my ‘nother foot so they can know who i am and i can marry prince charming!”  unfortunately, they did not come back, so leslie is left waiting a little longer for her prince.  here are some pictures:

This is what I got when I said, “SMILE!”

Mickey & Minnie waved to us.

Cinderella cried when her mean step-sisters ruined her dress.

Leslie’s favorite…Ariel & Eric.

Grumpy frowned at us.

And Leslie practiced her picture-taking skills.

after we left disney on ice, i drove the girls halfway to cincinnati and met michael’s mom.  she took the kids so that michael and i could go to ben & sarah’s wedding on saturday.  it was a late night, and the girls were due for some yia-yia & roro time.  kid-free weekends are rare, and we both missed our girls, but it was nice to be able to sleep past 6:30 in the morning!  ben & sarah’s wedding was beautiful, as i’m sure their life together will also be.  congratulations, you two!

the girls at the rehearsal dinner

we have been friends since first grade.  and beth has her eyes closed.  sorry, beth.

mary jane and me.  she is ben’s mom.  and she is my girls’ mimi.  and i love her like she was my own mom.  proof that when god closes a door, he opens a window.  and in this case, what an awesome window it was.

beth kept her eyes open this time.

with our respective husbands.  (don’t worry, kyle…i’ll leave out the story about you & lynn in the bathroom…)

once upon a time, we were in middle school.  and we didn’t always get along, as middle school girls are prone to do.  and chuck drove us to school every day.  bless him.  amen.


today, pa would turn 86.  86 is a lot of years.  fortunately, he got to live almost 82 of those, and i got to share almost 26 of my years with him.  he was easily the most amazing man i ever knew.  pa was quiet and a little reserved, but he loved so well.  growing up, my mom & dad had some issues, so ma & pa stepped in and raised me.  it was a lot for them to take on a little person…but they did so in such a way that it never felt weird or awkward or like they resented it.  it just was what it was, and we all made the best of it.

pa had a fantastic sense of humor.  he would say things at thanksgiving dinner like, “did you hear about the new study they did?  they found out that diarrhea runs in your genes.”  and as a little girl, he taught me my favorite joke (which i, in turn, re-told to him at least 17 million times).  what happens when a duck flies upside down?  it quacks up.  ha!  i still laugh, and i love that it is now leslie’s favorite joke.  there are so, so many memories that i am grateful to have shared with him, but this was probably my favorite:

pa walked me down the aisle when michael and i got married.  i’ll never forget what he said to me when he saw me – “well, you look like a bride.”  to which i replied, “well, that’s good.  it’s a bad day for me to look like anything else.”  and we laughed.  and then we walked down the aisle and he gave me away.  it was perfect.  because three weeks later we were back in the same sanctuary for pa’s funeral.  sometimes, timing is everything.

so today i will remember the good times and be thankful for pa’s time on this earth.  and if you were lucky enough to have known him, you should do the same.

texas trip recap

we survived our big trip to texas without too many snags in the plans, and it was  the girls were (mostly) angels on the planes, which made things much easier for this mommy.  we flew standby on passes (read: we flew for FREE), thanks to meghan and the best airline ever.  it could have potentially been a huge disaster, but we didn’t have any issues (unlike the man next to us at check-in who was trying to fly his family of FOUR on ONE ticket and couldn’t understand why that was an issue).

we arrived on thursday afternoon and had lunch with aunt meghan and uncle erin.  leslie had her first taste of “texas cookies” (a.k.a. – sopapillas), and they were a huge hit.  then we went to aunt bridget’s house and had a pretty low-key rest of the day, which was perfect since we’d been awake since 4 that morning.  it was an early night for all of us.

on friday, we went to play with amber and her girls.  leslie was in heaven…bunk beds + princess dresses + two new friends = most awesome day ever.  we played for the morning, and then fixed a picnic for the park.  we fed the ducks, played on the playground, and leslie made new friends with every child she ran into.

lucy spent her time on the smaller playground, and by the time we left she had figured out how to climb up the steps and go down the slide all by herself!  such a smart girl.

from the park, we went to get ice cream at coldstone.  we decided on cupcakes that were completely edible…a combination of chocolate, ice cream, cake and frosting.  seemed like a great idea, but the logistics were kind of tricky and our kids ended up covered in melted chocolate and ice cream.  but they loved it, and the clothes washed, so it was fine.  after ice cream, we headed to borders to look at books for a little bit and then back to aunt bridget’s house.  this is what the girls looked like after their day with amber & co.

saturday brought a day of all kinds of fun.  first, a trip to the zoo to meet more new friends.  on the way, leslie fell in love with bridget’s youngest brother jacob.  he, however, did not share her affection.  i don’t think she minded too much though…the zoo was exciting enough to take her mind off the heartbreak.  we saw lots of different animals, and when the kids had reached their zoo limit, we stopped for some lunch (and dancing).

sunday morning we went to church and then leslie chose wendy’s for lunch.  deborah brought ellie over to play, and play did we ever!  there was hair straightening, nail polish, make-up, high heels, veils, and flowers.  oh my.

it was a busy afternoon of dress-up.  that night we went to bridget’s parents’ house for dinner.  leslie and lucy were completely entertained by the many blinn boys, and dinner was delicious.

aunt bridget went back to work on monday, so we spent the day with uncle erin.  there was shopping, eating, and picture taking.

the weather was great, and the company was perfect.  in case you missed it, leslie loves her uncle erin.  lucy was so tired from our morning adventure that she slept all the way through kroger.  awesome.

we dropped uncle erin off at her house and headed back to bridget’s for a quick nap and to get ready for dinner.  after we picked bridget up at work, we went to visit some family.  michael’s dad’s cousin and his wife live in dallas, and we’ve always said that if we ever made a trip to texas we would stop and see them.  we had a great time and lots of yummy food.  leslie entertained us with her piano playing, and lucy finally had someone her own age to play with.  johnnie and tommy’s grandson (the 5th thomas in the family!) is about 2 months younger than lucy, and he joined us for dinner with his parents.  it was another fun evening, which i unfortunately did not manage to get a single picture of.  johnnie snapped this one during leslie’s musical entertainment:

the next day the girls and i drove to tyler, tx to pick ma up from aunt louise’s house.  we didn’t get to spend much time, but did manage a trip to chick-fil-a for lunch and a photo op before we had to head back to dallas.

on the way home, lucy talked to her daddy:

that night was dinner at fireside pies with 3 of my favorite blinn ladies.  after dinner (and dessert…hello, delicious brownie and butterscotch ice cream!) we took a picture.  unfortunately, the person we chose to take said picture was clearly not the best choice.  observe:

attempt #1 – fail.attempt #2 – but where are meghan and leslie?there they are…still not great, but at least we can see everybody’s face!

wednesday was another day of traveling.  up at 4, at the airport by 5:30, and back in ky at noon.  we had a great trip, but are really glad to be back at home…even though the bathroom looks like this:


i can’t believe it’s already march.  2010 has flown by so far, and while i’m definitely ready for spring, it still doesn’t seem like it should be  march already!  we’ve had a few nice days, which we’ve all enjoyed.  the girls have been playing outside on their playset.  on friday i put lucy in the swing and she squealed for the first five minutes.  while lucy was swinging, leslie was playing in the house part of the playset.  i asked her something and she said, “mommy, i am not leslie.  i’m the princess of laughter, and i live in this castle with my sister, the princess of joy.”  the princesses have so enjoyed their time in the sunshine!  after such a cold winter, it’s definitely a blessing to have warmer days ahead.

next week we leave for a much-needed, much-anticipated trip south to texas to see aunt bridget, uncle erin, and the rest of our texas friends.  it’s a “girls only” trip, so michael will stay behind to work, plant some vegetables, and relax.  i am definitely looking forward to taking the girls on a little vacation, but the logistics of traveling so far with my two princesses is cause for some concern.  lucy has never flown before, and leslie hasn’t flown since she was ten months old, so it will be interesting.  luckily, ma is coming with us to visit her best friend who also lives in texas.  they haven’t seen each other since michael and i got married, so their time together is long overdue.  plus, having ma’s extra help on the airplanes and in the airports might just keep me sane.  maybe.  assuming we survive the travel time, our time in texas is sure to be fun, fun, fun.  leslie is super excited about it…mostly about aunt bridget’s two puppies and getting to play with amber’s munchkins.  and mommy is excited about being in the same space as some of her favorite people for a few days.  lucy doesn’t really seem all that excited, but i’m sure she’ll have a wonderful time once we get there!  i’ll be sure to post some pictures of our trip when we return (and there are sure to be many, since lots of our time will be spent with these gals), but for now here are a few from the other day.  leslie and lucy each got a baby be blessed doll for christmas…they were a big hit!

and who knew kayla’s sunglasses would be so much fun?!?