Monthly Archives: February 2010


dear leslie and lucy…

i hope you know how lucky you are to have each other.  i tell you all the time that sisters are special, hoping that you’ll remember that.  right now you are little, and sometimes having a sister does not seem like a good thing.  sometimes you think that being an only child might be the way to go.  right now you spend more time arguing over toys and space than you do enjoying each other’s presence in the world…and you are easily frustrated with each other.  it is hard to be your mommy some days because you are sisters.  today was one of those days.  you are both feeling yucky, and sharing and being sisterly was clearly not on your to-do lists today.  but guess what?  you are sisters, and you love each other.  know how i know that?  because today, when you thought nobody was looking, i saw you sitting together.  you were watching she-ra, and i saw you holding hands.  i’m not even sure you realized what you were doing because you were both very interested in the show.  but there you were, holding hands, loving each other without realizing it…being sisters.  i love that.




tomorrow, i turn 30.  whether i like it or not (and currently i am not 30’s biggest fan).  30 is a mix of emotions.  it’s the least excited i’ve been to have a birthday ever.  it’s not really that i’m upset about getting old, although i do remember a time that i thought 30 would be cause for a mid-life crisis.  now that i’m staring it in the face, 30 doesn’t feel old at all (well, at least not old enough to warrant a crisis).  it does, however, seem like a good time for some reflection on the last 30 years, which i will not subject you to here.  but as i process through turning 30 tomorrow, i realize how blessed i am to have so many amazing people to do life with.  the weekend ahead will be full of celebrating with lots of those people.  it will be full of laughter, food, fun, and birthday cake (oh, the cake!).  memories will be made, and 30 will come whether i like it or not.  so, in honor of my 30th, here’s a picture from possibly the most awkward time of my life (thanks, kayla).  here’s hoping that the next 30 years will be kinder in the hair-do department.