Monthly Archives: January 2010

where to begin?

life is busy, busy, busy around here.  christmas was a whirlwind of princess dolls, dresses, and clothes.  both girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, got entirely too many gifts, and lived on a steady diet of christmas cookies and candy.

2010 brought a return to some sense of normalcy in our lives, as michael returned to work after having a week off, leslie started school (with a new teacher), and lucy and i got back in the swing of our routine.

today, leslie went to the doctor because her mommy is nuts.  she’s had a low-grade fever for going on three weeks, and i had finally had enough.  so today, she stayed home from school and went to the doctor.  turns out she has an ear infection, but they went ahead and did a cbc just to make sure there’s nothing else going on.  if you’ve never taken your 3-year-old to the doctor with her baby sister and then to the lab to (!!!) have blood taken for the first time ever, i don’t recommend it.  especially if you just happen to go on the busiest day, at the busiest time, and have to wait an hour (yes, one hour) to have said blood drawn.  between chasing lucy around the waiting room and trying to convince leslie that she could not run out the door, this mommy was exhausted before we even began the process of needles, tubes, and vials.  needless to say, it was awful.  traumatic.  and probably unnecessary.  but i’ll feel better when i know for sure.  so please pray that leslie’s blood will be completely normal and that the fever is just some sort of fluke.

and now for a few pictures of the girlies: