uncle erin

our family has had a busy november so far.  it’s been a good busy though, full of fun things that we get to do rather than not-fun things that we have to do.  for instance, last week, the girls’ uncle erin came for a quick visit to take some pictures and hang out.  in case you don’t know somebody like her, you should.  everyone should have an uncle erin in their life.  last year, after lucy was born, bridget came to visit and brought erin along.  pictures were taken, fun was had, and leslie fell in love.  a few days later, erin put our pictures on her blog.  leslie was looking at them with me and i asked her if she remembered who had come with aunt bridget and taken her picture.  “uncle erin” was her response.  i guess in her two-year-old mind it just made sense that  since bridget was her aunt, erin should be her uncle.  and so erin became uncle erin.  and it stuck.  and i’m pretty sure that my girls are probably the only ones who will ever refer to her as their uncle.


on friday, we took uncle erin to the airport.  as she was giving goodbye hugs to the girls, leslie started admiring her necklace.  here was the exchange that took place:


leslie: i like your pretty necklace, uncle erin.

erin: thank you.

leslie: where’d you get it?

erin: at the store.

leslie: wow.

erin: do you want it?  here, you can keep it.

me: leslie, what do you say?

leslie: uncle erin, i’m so proud of you for sharing!


well, that necklace has stayed firmly around leslie’s neck since her uncle erin left.  she’s worn it swimming, sleeping, bathing, and for everything in between.  she has told total strangers that her uncle erin gave her this necklace because she loves her.  and today she told me that she’s going to wear it when she gets married.  one thing is for sure: uncle erin has captured my little girl’s heart.  i love that.


“i miss you, uncle erin…but i’m still wearing your necklace!”


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