these boots…


leslie just got new rain boots.  her previous pair of boots were a size 6.  her feet are an 8.5.  new boots were necessary, as was a new raincoat, and of course they had to match.  she loves her new rain outfit.  last friday was the perfect day to get some use out of the new boots and coat.  it poured down rain all day.  after i picked leslie up from school we headed to mcdonald’s to celebrate another good day at school.  our happy meal was missing half of its contents, but by the time i discovered this fact, both girls were seated and munching away happily on some french fries.  i made the decision to not disrupt them in order to drag them back up to the counter to ask for our apples.  instead, i opted to go myself.  i could see them from the counter, and it would only take a second.  before i got in line, i decided to just make sure leslie remembered what to do if someone tried to take her.  just in case.

me: leslie, what do you do if somebody tries to take you?

leslie: i’ll put my boots on first, mommy.

at least if she gets taken she’ll have boots…


2 thoughts on “these boots…

  1. Tricia

    At least she’ll be stylish! Kind of scary though. But from what I have read about Miss Leslie, I am sure she would give someone what for!


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