friday night

on friday, i dropped leslie off at preschool and headed north to the outlet mall with my friend alison.  she is having a baby boy in just a few weeks, so we went in search of a rug for the nursery and some cute baby boy things.  the trip was a success.  lucy tagged along in her stroller and did great.  someday, she will make an excellent shopping partner.  since leslie had school, she stayed behind and had a fun day with ma, complete with chick-fil-a AND ice cream.  it was late when we got home, so leslie was already asleep.  before i crawled into my own bed for the night, i went upstairs to take her potty (some nights when she has a lot to drink after dinner we take her potty after she’s asleep.  it’s easier than changing sheets the next morning.).  as i carried her back to her bed, she said, “mommy, i want to sleep in your big bed.”  i was not hard to convince since i’d been apart from her all day, so i carried her down the stairs and we snuggled down in our bed.  as i lay there praying for her, our family, and anything else that happened to pop into my head, i was reminded of this sweet picture michael took when leslie was just a couple of weeks old.  someday my babies will be too big to snuggle…probably a lot sooner than i’d care to think about.  i hope i can always remember moments like this one.



One thought on “friday night

  1. April

    I have a picture almost exactly like that of Lexie when she was a few weeks old, too. Since Matt is gone, Lexie has been sleeping in our bed and there’s nothing better than cuddling with your girls when the alternative is a cold, empty bed. (Can you tell I miss my husband?)


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