last night

we went through a phase before lucy was born when leslie would cry every night before bed because she was scared.  this would usually end with one of us giving in to snuggling with her until she fell asleep or with michael agreeing to sit outside her door.  for whatever reason, this phase just ended one night and she’s been fine about going to sleep on her own ever since…until last night.  as usual, michael took her upstairs, bathed her, and read her a few stories.  he came downstairs.  she cried.  she whined.  she yelled for her mommy.  mommy eventually gave in and went upstairs (and i am so glad i did!).  the encounter went something like this:

leslie:  mommy, i’m scared of monsters.

me:  remember, monsters aren’t real.  do you remember the song you can sing when you get scared?

leslie:  (does a rousing rendition of ‘god is bigger than the boogey man.’)  but i want jesus to come here.

me:  jesus is here, sweetie.  you just can’t see him.

leslie:  no mommy.  i mean, i want jesus to come out of my heart and snuggle with me.

me:  well, you can ask him to do that.

leslie:  okay, mommy.

so this morning, i asked her if jesus snuggled with her last night.  “yep!  he did!  and it was nice.”

i love that kid.



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