this i will remember always

i’m not going to lie.  being the mommy of a three-year-old is the hardest thing i’ve ever done.  my sweet girl tests my patience at least fourteen times every day.  she is bossy and tempermental.  she likes for things to go her way.  she thinks we should have pancakes for every meal.  she is not always nice to her baby sister.  she is three.  and three is hard.  for her and for me.

but then we have moments like this:

me: i love you to the sky and back.

leslie: mommy, i love you all the way to the princess castle and back.

me: that’s pretty far.

leslie: (cupping my face in her tiny hands) yeah, but i can love you that far because you’re my very best friend.

me: you’re my very best friend too.

leslie: yeah, i believe you mommy.  let’s always be best friends, okay?

me: okay.


dear leslie,

i know that it is hard to be three.  it is hard to be your mommy some days because you are three, but the thing i love about you right now is that your sweet spirit refuses to be overshadowed by your three-year-old self.  you are still my sweet, kind, loving princess-girl.  i couldn’t love you more and i promise that we will always be best friends.

i love you to the sky and back.


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