rainy day fun

yesterday and today have been full of rain, rain, and more rain around here.  we’ve been bored having to stay in the house…so bored that yesterday i voluntarily took both of my children to kroger in the rain.  not sure i’ll ever try that again, but at least it got us out of the house for a little while.  today, we sent michael to work with the car, so we’re homebound until 4:30.  we’ve managed to have some fun though.  leslie got to do a few ballerina moves in her new tutu that yia-yia got her:


she was so thrilled to have a new one that she even let her baby sister wear one of the old ones:


there was some girl talk:


lucy says, “i’m not listening to you anymore!”


books were read:


we giggled a lot:


and then, once lucy went down for her morning nap (little sisters miss all the fun!), we made a fort:


hope your wednesday is fun!


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