home again

and glad to be here.  the first part of our trip was amazing…the girls loved LOVED hanging out with their aunt e, as did we.  on tuesday we drove a couple hours down the road to hilton head where a stomach virus had gotten ma and kayla.  it proceeded to infect howard on tuesday night, patti on wednesday, and me and lucy on thursday.  we left thursday night around 9:00, drove until 1:30am, stopped for the night, and then came the rest of the way on friday.  lucy had a rough trip home…lots of sickness that really should never EVER be discussed again because sickness in an enclosed space is worse than sickness anywhere else.  yuck.  michael got sick friday on our way home and still isn’t feeling great.  luckily, leslie seems to have avoided it all.  so, here are a few photos from our trip.  lucy loved the ocean, and leslie is already talking about wanting to go back!



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