where does the time go?

every day i promise myself that i will post pictures and blog a little bit…and every day i go to sleep without doing it.  apparently, taking care of a know-it-all toddler and an almost-mobile baby takes more time than i realize.  we’ve been busy this summer.  here’s a quick rundown of how we’ve been spending all of our time:

IMG_4314michael built this massive plaything that leslie loves.  lucy also loves it.

IMG_4304we bought a teeny tiny backyard pool, which is quite a hit with the younger miss forston.

IMG_4319on rainy days or days that are too hot to be outside we dress up in clothes that are too small and dance around leslie’s room.

IMG_4324leslie and mommy get matching pedicures.  fancy, huh?

IMG_4334on lucky days, the fedex man brings us presents.

IMG_4350we wait for daddy to come home from work.

IMG_4366we play hide ‘n’ seek.  lucy counts while leslie hides.

IMG_4371on very sad days we go to the pediatrician.  mommy promises leslie that she won’t have to get a shot.  obviously, mommy is a liar.  so, to make up for it we go to toys r us and spend $80.

IMG_4383we invite our neighbors over to swim…

IMG_4388and sometimes we make him wear a bikini.  he’s a good sport about it…just don’t tell his dad.

IMG_4389lucy cools down by climbing into the refrigerator.

IMG_4396we give ourselves, like, totally awesome hair-dos.

it’s a busy, busy place.  but it’s a good kind of busy.  the kind that makes you smile when you finally fall into bed.  we are blessed beyond measure, and that’s a great feeling to have.


4 thoughts on “where does the time go?

  1. justmetoyou

    i love your everyday life. it makes me happy. come visit us. and tell those girlies and their daddy hi.


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