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home again

and glad to be here.  the first part of our trip was amazing…the girls loved LOVED hanging out with their aunt e, as did we.  on tuesday we drove a couple hours down the road to hilton head where a stomach virus had gotten ma and kayla.  it proceeded to infect howard on tuesday night, patti on wednesday, and me and lucy on thursday.  we left thursday night around 9:00, drove until 1:30am, stopped for the night, and then came the rest of the way on friday.  lucy had a rough trip home…lots of sickness that really should never EVER be discussed again because sickness in an enclosed space is worse than sickness anywhere else.  yuck.  michael got sick friday on our way home and still isn’t feeling great.  luckily, leslie seems to have avoided it all.  so, here are a few photos from our trip.  lucy loved the ocean, and leslie is already talking about wanting to go back!


a trip down memory lane

we’re at the beach right now with michael’s sister.  tomorrow we leave for hilton head for three days and then back home.  right now, the house is quiet, i’m having a date with erin’s tivo, the laundry is running, and i am remembering our previous trips to the beach.  thought you all might enjoy a little trip down memory lane as much as i have, so here goes:

leslie’s first trip to the beach. sullivan’s island, sc. august 2006


leslie’s second trip to the beach.  sullivan’s island & hilton head island, sc.  july 2007.


trip number three.  isle of palms, sc.  may 2008.


trip four.  hilton head island, sc.  july 2008.


and this is trip number five.  lucy’s first.  i’ll upload some pictures when we get home.  thanks for walking with me…now to finish the laundry…

where does the time go?

every day i promise myself that i will post pictures and blog a little bit…and every day i go to sleep without doing it.  apparently, taking care of a know-it-all toddler and an almost-mobile baby takes more time than i realize.  we’ve been busy this summer.  here’s a quick rundown of how we’ve been spending all of our time:

IMG_4314michael built this massive plaything that leslie loves.  lucy also loves it.

IMG_4304we bought a teeny tiny backyard pool, which is quite a hit with the younger miss forston.

IMG_4319on rainy days or days that are too hot to be outside we dress up in clothes that are too small and dance around leslie’s room.

IMG_4324leslie and mommy get matching pedicures.  fancy, huh?

IMG_4334on lucky days, the fedex man brings us presents.

IMG_4350we wait for daddy to come home from work.

IMG_4366we play hide ‘n’ seek.  lucy counts while leslie hides.

IMG_4371on very sad days we go to the pediatrician.  mommy promises leslie that she won’t have to get a shot.  obviously, mommy is a liar.  so, to make up for it we go to toys r us and spend $80.

IMG_4383we invite our neighbors over to swim…

IMG_4388and sometimes we make him wear a bikini.  he’s a good sport about it…just don’t tell his dad.

IMG_4389lucy cools down by climbing into the refrigerator.

IMG_4396we give ourselves, like, totally awesome hair-dos.

it’s a busy, busy place.  but it’s a good kind of busy.  the kind that makes you smile when you finally fall into bed.  we are blessed beyond measure, and that’s a great feeling to have.