life has been so busy!  since last i wrote, leslie has turned 3, lucy has started crawling and standing, michael has assembled a gigantic playhouse/swing set in our backyard, and i’ve just been struggling to keep up with them all!  here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to:

IMG_4038leslie hearts worms.

IMG_4069she also hearts kayla.

IMG_4071michael had a birthday…complete with funfetti cake.

IMG_4081and cookie cake.

IMG_4093and cupcakes.

IMG_4110and his mom’s famous chocolate pound cake with caramel icing.  i’m gaining weight just thinking about it.

IMG_4111leslie also had a birthday…with a strawberry princess cake.  yum!

IMG_4118she loves her mommy.IMG_4126nate was there.IMG_4136he and lexie helped leslie open her presents.

IMG_4140it was a full house.  more like a bursting house actually.

IMG_4153lucy enjoyed some snuggle time with her granny.

IMG_4159leslie and ma blew out the candles.

IMG_4162and leslie showed off her fancy new age.  ma is impressed.

IMG_4165nanny ate cake…

IMG_4168…and she might have shared some with lucy.

IMG_4181the morning of her actual birthday she got a chocolate donut with a birthday candle.

IMG_4197lucy continues to be the world’s happiest baby.  someday she’ll hate her daddy for popping her collar and then taking pictures of it, but for now she doesn’t know any better.

IMG_4202this is lucy with her friend paislee.  paislee’s parents are in our small group at church.  i think there are only 3 weeks between these girls, and i think they’ll be great friends!  they certainly enjoyed their first playdate!


so, life has been nuts and i just haven’t had time to update for a while.  i have a million pictures on our camera that i’ll try to go through this week.  lucy’s had an ear infection and hasn’t been sleeping well, which has translated into lots of naps for this mommy.  my thyroid has also gone nuts, but i’m seeing an endocrinologist to get that worked out.  hopefully i’ll start to feel better soon.  leslie’s first dance recital is this weekend.  dress rehearsal tomorrow.  i’m nervous for her.  i just envision her being “that kid” at the recital.  i’m sure we’ll have lots of pictures next week…and maybe even a video if i can get that figured out between now and then!




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