time to breathe

i haven’t had any, and it looks like this month and next are going to be just as busy.  so, here’s a quick peek at what’s been happening in the world of juice and goose:

img_3784lucy loves eating real food. we haven’t found anything she hasn’t liked.

img_3812leslie met bob and larry. she loved every second of it, and would have been happier only if junior asparagus had made an appearance.

img_3839aunt bridget came to town for lucy’s baptism.

img_3858uncle will and lindsay came, too.  we fed some ducks before dinner.



img_3847lucy tried to help, but she’s still a bit too tiny to really understand the whole “feeding the ducks” thing.


img_3887lucy was baptized and did a great job.  our family is so blessed!

img_3891we ate cake.

img_3895we took a few pictures with aunt bridget before she had to go back to texas.

then, leslie got her hands on the camera.  this is what ensued:


what a great weekend that was!  lots of family, lots of food, and lots of fun.  my house is still not put back together, but i think that with two tiny girls around that’s okay.  sometimes it’s better to leave the mess in the middle of the living room so you can go outside to swing instead of having a put-together house.  i’ll have lots of time for that when these little ones are bigger.  for now i’m trying to live with the chaos and enjoy their little-ness while it lasts.

last week, leslie found some stickers from valentine’s day that were in her room.  she decided she wanted to “share” them with her baby sister.  this was the result:

img_3914lucy was really a good sport about the whole thing…until we had to take the stickers off of her face.  that she did not enjoy at all.  in other lucy news, she is starting to get up on her knees and rock back and forth.  how is it that she’s so close to crawling already?!?  time moves faster and faster these days and i find myself desperately trying to turn back to clock, to keep my babies from growing up so quickly.

we will celebrate easter this sunday.  tomorrow we are dyeing eggs with leslie’s best friends nate and lexie.  saturday there’s going to be an egg hunt, and then sunday will be church, brunch, and dinner.  we’ve been talking about why we celebrate easter, and yesterday leslie told me she was glad that jesus isn’t “died” anymore because she likes having him in her heart.  i love that.


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