six months ago

six months ago today lucy arrived and turned our comfortable family of three into a perfect foursome.  

this was then:

img_7067(uncle erin took this, and i shall treasure it always)

and this is now:


she’s changed so much.  some days i crave her tiny, newborn self…the sweet baby girl who curled up on my chest to nap and slept all night snuggled up next to me.  things are different now.  she rarely naps on my chest anymore (though i’ve been known to sneak a snuggle here and there), mostly because she’s too big to really get comfortable, and her nights are spent snoozing upstairs in her crib.  she has the sweetest smile and an even sweeter giggle.  she eats real food now, three times a day, just like her big sister.  her favorite (unlike her big sister) is peas…the more, the merrier.  one day last week she ate two jars for lunch!  her face lights up when leslie comes into the room.  they snuggle and play with each other every morning when they wake up.  i love that they love each other, and i love that lucy fits so perfectly into our family.  happy six month birthday, goose.


and the stats from her doctor visit, for those of you who are keeping track:

15 pounds, 4 ounces (still not up to her big sister’s 4-month weight of 16 pounds, 4 ounces!); 25.75 inches (that’s the 75th percentile for both height and weight)


3 thoughts on “six months ago

  1. justmetoyou

    She is looking more and more like her big sister, and she is so darling. I heart the little goose! Uncle Erin will miss her this weekend.


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