worst mother of the year award

wednesday was a rough day around here, and i’m pretty sure that if they gave a ‘worst mother of the year’ award i could be in the running!  after leslie’s nap, she was grumpy and whiny and wanted animal crackers in a ‘teeny tiny bowl’ while she watched ‘little einsteins.’  we usually don’t watch tv in the afternoon, but i just didn’t feel like arguing with her.  so, i plopped her down on our bed, turned the tv on for her, and went into the kitchen to get the requested snack.  lucy was on our bed, too, hanging out with one of her toys, happy as a clam.  all of the sudden, i heard a thump and screams.  after nearly killing myself to get back to the bedroom, i discovered lucy on the floor…the very hard, wood floor.  she cried (and by ‘cried’ i mean wailed) for half an hour, and had a big bump on the back of her head.  talk about feeling like an awful mom!  she is fully recovered now, but will certainly not be spending any more time alone on high surfaces.

mypictureway to go, mom.


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