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six months ago

six months ago today lucy arrived and turned our comfortable family of three into a perfect foursome.  

this was then:

img_7067(uncle erin took this, and i shall treasure it always)

and this is now:


she’s changed so much.  some days i crave her tiny, newborn self…the sweet baby girl who curled up on my chest to nap and slept all night snuggled up next to me.  things are different now.  she rarely naps on my chest anymore (though i’ve been known to sneak a snuggle here and there), mostly because she’s too big to really get comfortable, and her nights are spent snoozing upstairs in her crib.  she has the sweetest smile and an even sweeter giggle.  she eats real food now, three times a day, just like her big sister.  her favorite (unlike her big sister) is peas…the more, the merrier.  one day last week she ate two jars for lunch!  her face lights up when leslie comes into the room.  they snuggle and play with each other every morning when they wake up.  i love that they love each other, and i love that lucy fits so perfectly into our family.  happy six month birthday, goose.


and the stats from her doctor visit, for those of you who are keeping track:

15 pounds, 4 ounces (still not up to her big sister’s 4-month weight of 16 pounds, 4 ounces!); 25.75 inches (that’s the 75th percentile for both height and weight)

spring was here…for a day

we got a little taste of what spring will be like on tuesday of this week.  the temperature was in the 70s, the sun was shining, and all was right in the world.  we decided to forgo naptime in favor of playing outside, and it was such a good decision!  leslie and lucy played on a blanket, we had popsicles, and leslie got to swing for the first time in months.  tag and cully even got to enjoy the pretty weather with us!  when we finally came inside, lucy practiced sitting up and played with her favorite ladybug.


disney on ice

this morning, leslie, ma, and i went to disney on ice.  we sat in the front row.  i think it was possibly the best day of leslie’s life.  and, i admit, this mommy got totally teary-eyed when mickey and friends came skating out of the castle and leslie’s eyes almost popped out of her head.  she kept yelling, “hey, mickey!  come over here!  look what i got, mickey!”  i’m surprised she’s still awake after her busy morning, but i’m sure it’s due in large part to the excessive amount of cotton candy she consumed!  here are a few pictures from our exciting morning:

img_3661leslie hearts cotton candy

img_3665minnie was there…

img_3672chip and mrs. potts were there, too.

img_3675belle and the beast did some twirling

img_3683ariel and eric skated right by us…

img_3688…and then they stared longingly into each other’s eyes.

img_3710leslie was mesmerized by the entire production.

img_3733and then she got to shake hands with minnie, the genie, and jasmine.  the perfect end to a perfect morning.

worst mother of the year award

wednesday was a rough day around here, and i’m pretty sure that if they gave a ‘worst mother of the year’ award i could be in the running!  after leslie’s nap, she was grumpy and whiny and wanted animal crackers in a ‘teeny tiny bowl’ while she watched ‘little einsteins.’  we usually don’t watch tv in the afternoon, but i just didn’t feel like arguing with her.  so, i plopped her down on our bed, turned the tv on for her, and went into the kitchen to get the requested snack.  lucy was on our bed, too, hanging out with one of her toys, happy as a clam.  all of the sudden, i heard a thump and screams.  after nearly killing myself to get back to the bedroom, i discovered lucy on the floor…the very hard, wood floor.  she cried (and by ‘cried’ i mean wailed) for half an hour, and had a big bump on the back of her head.  talk about feeling like an awful mom!  she is fully recovered now, but will certainly not be spending any more time alone on high surfaces.

mypictureway to go, mom.

an update…for uncle erin

i’ve been meaning to update for a while, but life has gotten in the way.  i’m not sure that’s a bad thing though.  it’s nice to be so caught up in tiny princesses, home repairs, family gatherings, and small group meetings that everything else (blog included) becomes secondary.  we had a busy february, and it looks like march is gearing up to be just as busy!  these two little girls provide hours of enjoyment…and as our juice box grows up, she provides some frustration, too!  last week i put her down for her nap, and after almost two hours of listening to her chatter about cinderella, tinkerbell, and ariel i went upstairs to get her up.  i walked in the door and she said, “hi mommy! i’m done with my nap and i DON’T want to argue about it!”  she says the funniest things!

lucy is enormous, and gets bigger every day.  this is a great age…she’s happy and smiley most of the time, but she hasn’t figured out how to move yet.  i know that when she starts crawling our life will become much more interesting!  she had her first official cereal meal on valentine’s day, and she LOVES it!  we’re only doing one cereal feeding right now, but i think next week we’ll start doing two.  she’s hungry!  this mommy is certainly looking forward to the decreased breastfeeding that comes with increased cereal feedings!


leslie is really getting into pretending.  in fact, she is rarely herself anymore.  the favorites are currently cinderella, sally (the porsche from ‘cars’), and june (from ‘little einsteins’).  i spend my days not as mommy, but as prince charming, lightning mcqueen, or annie (june’s pal on ‘l.e.’).  just this morning she wanted to be cinderella, so i fixed her a tiny bucket of soapy water, a bigger bucket for me, and we cleaned the wood floors in the entry hall, living room, and hallway.  she even demanded that she use the toothbrush to clean the floors, and i had to say things like, “wash those floors!  you can’t go to the ball until all your chores are finished!  good job, cinderella!”  she loved it, and i loved that my floors got cleaned in the process.  maybe tomorrow we’ll work on cleaning the bathrooms!

img_3594sometimes cinderella washes dishes, and the mean stepsister looks on making sure she doesn’t miss a spot!

img_3600“wash those dishes, cinderella!”

the girls also took their first bath together.  it was hilarious, and we took lots of pictures, but they don’t seem appropriate to post on this here internet!  i think we’ll wait until lucy gets a little bigger to do it again, but they both loved it.  leslie even washed lucy’s hair for her without causing her baby sister too much trauma!

michael and i have started a new study with our small group at church.  in the past, we’ve met with a great group of 4-5 other couples, but for this study, we’ve split up into boys and girls.  the boys are doing ‘the power of a praying husband’ and the girls are doing ‘the power of a praying wife.’  it’s been a great study so far, and it’s nice that we each get a night out without the girls.  i feel so blessed to have such a great group of women to eat, talk, and pray with…and i’m glad michael has an equally great group of husbands!

next month, lucy is getting baptized at my grandmother’s church.  it’s the church where i grew up and where michael and i were married and leslie was baptized.  we’re having a gathering at our house after the service for everybody.  lots of michael’s family is coming up from birmingham, and we’re looking forward to seeing them and spending time with them!  lucy will wear the gown that michael’s aunt leah made.  michael and his cousins all wore it, and leslie did, too.  it’s beautiful, and i’m sure lucy will be beautiful in it!

family1the whole family at leslie’s baptism, june ’06

on the home front, michael finally painted the stairwell last week.  it’s been bare since we got the wallpaper down last year.  now it’s almost the same shade of blue as the entry hall.  it feels good to finally have it finished!  while he had all the painting supplies out, he decided to do the trim in the bathroom, too.  it looks great, but during the process he kicked the paint can over and half a gallon of paint spilled all over the new bathtub!  luckily, he was able to get all the paint out and everything is fine, but i was worried!  michael was certainly not meant to be a painter!!

i think that’s a sufficient update for now.  i’ll try to get back in the habit of updating more regularly.  oh…and leslie has this to say to her favorite uncle:

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