oh my!

what a lot we have to get caught up on around here!  right after my last post, our power went out and was off for a week.  luckily, leslie & lucy’s mimi & papa took us in, allowed us to turn their world (and house) upside down, and were gracious and sweet about every second of it!  we are so blessed to have had a warm place to stay, delicious meals (michael will probably be disappointed to settle for my cooking again!), and lots of family time!  as nice as it was to visit mimi & papa for a week, it was even nicer to come home again!  we had limbs to clean up, debris to rake, and a filthy dirty house awaiting us, but we were so happy to be home again that none of that mattered!  leslie slept for 13 hours our first night home, lucy is only waking up once in the night to eat (at mimi & papa’s she was up every 2-3 hours!), and tag and cully have settled back into their daily routine of sleeping, eating, and chasing squirrels in the backyard.  

a lot happened while we were displaced and in the days following our return to hill n dale: 

1. i dyed my hair brown.  i promise i will put a picture up soon, but we haven’t taken any yet.  i am still undecided about whether or not i like it, but i am leaning towards keeping it brown, just a shade or 2 lighter than it is right now.  we’ll see.

2. i had a birthday.  it was my 2nd annual 28th birthday, and it was fantastic.  we celebrated with mimi & papa on wednesday, michael’s parents the weekend before, and ma, patti, howard, and kayla on saturday night.  it was lots of eating out, birthday cake, and shopping…tons of fun, but not so good for the diet.  oh well.  i’m back on the bandwagon as soon as the leftover birthday cake is gone!

3. we got a new bed.  oh.my.  why didn’t we upgrade to a king size sooner?  it’s unbelievable!  we decided to do one “fun” thing with our tax return this year, and i am SO glad we chose to get a bigger bed!  unfortunately, it meant that we had to rearrange some of the other beds/furniture in the house:  the ping pong table moved out of the basement bedroom and into the play/tv room.  the guest bed moved into the basement bedroom (meaning that our house finally has 5 actual bedrooms…yipee!), and our old bed moved into the guest room.  we were exhausted by the time we’d moved all that furniture around!  here it is:


4. the kiddos have gotten cuter.  seriously.  look:

img_3548lucy loves bathtime.

img_3556leslie loves jumping from her bed to the trundle bed…and she hasn’t killed herself yet, though i’m sure we’re headed for a bonked head soon!

img_3545look at those rolls.  god, i love a chunky baby!

img_3512lucy’s eyes are changing color.  no more blue, but still beautiful.


2 thoughts on “oh my!

  1. Julie

    I’m so glad you are back home and have electricity! That must’ve been some week! Congrats on the king bed. We got one last spring, it’s awesome! Especially on the rare occasion when Brody comes to our bed in the morning. There’s definitely enough room for all 3 of us!


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