hello, dr…here’s all our money

yesterday was the day for lucy’s 4-month check-up.  hard to believe she’s already 4 months old, but when i stop to consider all the sleepless nights, it sometimes seems like she should be 12 already!  i guess i should preface this story by telling you that i had to take leslie to the pediatrician on monday because she had the seal-like barking kind of cough that accompanies the lovely croup.  of course, this had to happen on a day when school was out (thank you, mlk jr.) so the doctor’s office was PACKED!  normally, we could have just done lucy’s visit a few days early, but that was not the case on monday.  after weight (32 pounds), temperature (a perfect 98.6), and brief exam, we left with a diagnosis of croup, a prescription for steroids, and a sucker (purple, if you were curious).  great.

but maybe not.  thursday morning rolled around and leslie was worse.  her cough had morphed from the barking to a wet, raspy, yucky-sounding cough, and she had spiked a temperature of 101.  so, back to the doctor we went…both girls in tow…again.  (luckily, i had michael with me this time!)  leslie was tested for flu, which was negative (hooray!), and then diagnosed with bronchitis.  lucy got 4 shots and one oral vaccine.  they did all the well baby measurements: 13lbs., 10oz.; 24 1/4″.  she is in the 75th percentile for both height and weight.  amazingly, she is three pounds lighter than her big sis was at 4 months.  that’s right…leslie weighed 16lbs. at 4 months!  so, this time, we left with a new prescription, some mucinex, and two suckers (one for letting the doctor look in her ears, nose, and mouth; the other for letting the nurse stick a q-tip up her nose for the flu test.  

we have paid 4 office visit co-pays, 2 prescription co-pays, and at least $20 in assorted cough, cold, and/or fever-reducing medicines this week.  and guess what?  they’re both sick.  leslie’s fever comes and goes, but her cough is constant.  she has taken so much medicine that she screams whenever she sees me with a measuring spoon in my hand.  and, the best part?  she’s passed her germs on to her baby sister.  know what’s even less fun than a 2-year-old with bronchitis?  a 4-month-old with bronchitis!  my days are spent wiping noses, applying vick’s baby rub (the inventor of this stuff should get some sort of award), taking temperatures, and snuggling with sick babies.  maybe next week will be healthier…and less expensive!


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