my girls love their daddy.  i think the times i realize this the most are when the weather is bad and we drive michael to work.  this morning just happened to be one of those times.  the four of us bundled up (the youngest two of us still in our pajamas) and headed for the car.  the hospital is only 2 miles from our house, but with traffic it takes us about 15 minutes to get there.  this morning, leslie had to be coaxed into the car with marshmallows (questionable parenting at its best!).  we arrived at the hospital, michael got out of the car, opened leslie’s door, and gave her a big hug and several kisses (she reciprocated by licking his cheek).  in the process, she wrapped her sweet little arms tightly around his neck and said, “daddy, don’t leave me.  stay with us!”  as i watched this unfold from the front seat, i was struck with how much leslie really loves her daddy…and how much he loves her back.  the looks on both of their faces said it all…heartbreak on his and love mixed with a little bit of uncertainty and confusion on hers.  i guess it’s hard for a 2-year-old to understand why her daddy has to go to work every day…but not as hard as it is for that daddy to close the door on his little girl and walk through the hospital doors.  so today we feel blessed to have such a sweet daddy who loves us no matter what.

img_3468but we’re still just a little sad that he had to go to work…


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