you know you’re old when you fall asleep at 10:30 on new year’s eve and don’t remember your husband waking you up at midnight to tell you “happy new year.”  oh well…i guess it was bound to happen some day, huh?

so far, our 2009 has been pretty wonderful.  michael was off yesterday, and we spent the whole day together.  kayla spent the night with us and hung out until lunchtime.  my dad came over and brought leslie and lucy’s christmas presents.  leslie got these dolls and they are hilarious!  if they’re not sitting next to each other, one will say, “am i going to have to sit here all day waiting for my sister?” and when you feed one the other one says, “hey! don’t let her have it all!”  so funny.

michael got a new ping pong paddle from my dad, and they had to test it out with a couple games.  it must be a good luck paddle because michael won when he used it and my dad won when he used it.  it’s the first time michael’s beaten my dad at a game of ping pong in quite a while!  i’m sure there will be a rematch soon!

after my dad left, leslie took a nap and then we went to mimi and papa’s house for dinner.  yum!  it’s always nice to spend an evening with family without having to cook OR clean up!  we had a great time, and leslie got to open more presents from her aunt karen.  she got an adorable sweatsuit featuring the disney princesses:h5602g0016m

and a horse that lights up when you brush its hair.  i’m afraid she’s going to think that getting presents is an everyday occurrence…it seems like she’s been opening presents almost every day since christmas!

as far a resolutions go, i’ve come up with a few.  first, i HAVE to lose some baby weight and fit into my clothes again!  i joined weight watchers this morning, and i’m going to try the online version.  my plan is to weigh myself every saturday morning.  i figure i should do this while i’m still breastfeeding to speed the process along!  my second resolution is to try one new recipe each week.  we have so many cookbooks that we never use, and they’re full of yummy recipes that, when i see them, i want to try.  but somehow, it always seems like too much effort to make something new, and we end up eating the same things over and over.  finally, i need to be better about my prayer life.  it just seems like life is a little easier to handle on days that include a little god time.  when michael and i first got married (read: before we had kids) we were really good about reading the bible together every night before bed.  then leslie came along and we missed more nights than we remembered.  and, well, after lucy arrived we just kind of gave up.  but we’re re-committing in 2009.  we need to be more centered and more aware of the big picture, and somehow, god makes that easier.  

so, here’s to 2009!  i’m hoping it will be a skinnier, more flavorful, full-of-god-and-good-things kind of year!

img_3401cully says, “happy new year.”  her resolution is to sleep in bed every night…so far she’s 2 for 2!


One thought on “2009

  1. Ashley

    We both have similar resolutions! Maybe we need to hold eachother accountable! 🙂
    I am trying out a new recipe tonight…I’ll let you know how it goes!
    And I am trying to squeeze in that prayer/quiet time in the morning and today was a school morning and I totally slacked…gonna make it up tonight though! 🙂 I agree, it makes life so much easier….
    Have a great night!


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