christmas ’08

we survived!  our first christmas as a family of 4 was wonderful…busy, but wonderful.  lucy didn’t really care much that it was christmas, but she’s enjoying her new toys!  leslie, on the other hand, would have christmas every day if her parents could afford it!  here are some pictures (because, really, that’s what everybody wants to see!)…

img_3357the ornament making…it was clearly more fun to paint her body than it was to paint the ornaments!

img_3349lucy was clearly bored by the entire process…

img_3377we left cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph

img_3375the loot.  the dollhouse was a huge hit…especially once daddy got a stool out so leslie could reach the 3rd floor!

img_3389her first stocking!  (note: she just got out of the bathtub because of a small overnight pee-pee disaster…we do not normally open presents in the nude!)

img_3409lucy’s expression for most of the christmas happenings

img_3415some of my favorite girls.  we’ve been friends since first grade!

img_3459look at that dimple!  she is my smiley-est baby girl.

img_3463less smiley, but still adorable!


and in case we forget to send you a card for the really awesome gift…img_3450!!!

now that some of the craziness of the holidays has passed and we are finally starting to dig out from under the piles of christmas wrapping paper, decorations, and toys, we’re starting to enjoy our new gifts (and at the same time, we’re filling up bags to take to goodwill!).  leslie has finally come down off her sugar-induced holiday rampage and general bratiness.  she’s more and more like the sweet child i remember from pre-december 25th.  i guess christmas + a weekend at the grandparents’ house will do that to a toddler, huh?!?

hope everyone had a great christmas and that 2009 is full of smiles and hugs.  it is sure to be an eventful year at the forston house!  i’m off to somehow organize the mountain of disney princess paraphernalia that has overtaken our house…


2 thoughts on “christmas ’08

  1. melanie

    how cute!! we got a dollhouse, too – i had no idea what a HIT it would be! love the ornament painting & bathtub ‘thank you’ pics!! warmly, -melanie-

  2. justmetoyou

    Uncle Erin hearts her holiday ornament from the Forston crew… Hope you guys have a very Happy New Year and that we cross paths soon.


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