this morning, we awoke to an empty gallon of milk, so supermom decided to take both girls krogering.  we left with eggs, milk, sugar cookie dough, and a few other things i managed to grab in spite of the fact that lucy screamed from one end of the store to the other.  since i had both girls, there was limited space in the cart.  our groceries got piled around both girls.  in the process, a bag of salad and some coffee creamer somehow ended up under lucy’s carseat.  unfortunately, supermom didn’t realize it until the groceries (those that we had legitimately paid for) were in the car, and leslie was buckled into her carseat.  going back at that point just wasn’t an option…lucy was still screaming her head off.  she hates her carseat…even more than i hate feta cheese.  she screams like a banshee when we put her in it and doesn’t stop until she passes out from sheer exhaustion.  it’s awful.  so, i guess i’ll be going back to kroger this evening to pay for our stolen goods.  i’ll let michael stay home with the girls so as not to torture poor miss lucy unnecessarily.  here’s a picture of her from our trip to birmingham.  isn’t she lovely?



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