it’s been a while…

let’s see…the thanksgiving list didn’t get done in time for the arrival of our guests, and that was okay.  nobody noticed the clumps of dog hair hiding in the corners…or if they did, they were nice enough to not mention it.  maybe they talked about me later, but i doubt it.  the meal was delicious, and being with our crazy family was awesome.  here are a few photos:

img_3159lucy got to meet her uncle will.  she likes him, and i’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

img_3150yia-yia carried one or both of her girls most of the day. they all loved it.

img_3145granny loves lucy.  how exciting for juice & goose to have all 4 of their great-grandmothers. they’re totally spoiled.

oh, yeah…this happened too:

img_3141smiles!  they are the best.

after thanksgiving, we got ready for cousin timmy’s wedding.  i’ll get around to posting about that later today.


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