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christmas ’08

we survived!  our first christmas as a family of 4 was wonderful…busy, but wonderful.  lucy didn’t really care much that it was christmas, but she’s enjoying her new toys!  leslie, on the other hand, would have christmas every day if her parents could afford it!  here are some pictures (because, really, that’s what everybody wants to see!)…

img_3357the ornament making…it was clearly more fun to paint her body than it was to paint the ornaments!

img_3349lucy was clearly bored by the entire process…

img_3377we left cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph

img_3375the loot.  the dollhouse was a huge hit…especially once daddy got a stool out so leslie could reach the 3rd floor!

img_3389her first stocking!  (note: she just got out of the bathtub because of a small overnight pee-pee disaster…we do not normally open presents in the nude!)

img_3409lucy’s expression for most of the christmas happenings

img_3415some of my favorite girls.  we’ve been friends since first grade!

img_3459look at that dimple!  she is my smiley-est baby girl.

img_3463less smiley, but still adorable!


and in case we forget to send you a card for the really awesome gift…img_3450!!!

now that some of the craziness of the holidays has passed and we are finally starting to dig out from under the piles of christmas wrapping paper, decorations, and toys, we’re starting to enjoy our new gifts (and at the same time, we’re filling up bags to take to goodwill!).  leslie has finally come down off her sugar-induced holiday rampage and general bratiness.  she’s more and more like the sweet child i remember from pre-december 25th.  i guess christmas + a weekend at the grandparents’ house will do that to a toddler, huh?!?

hope everyone had a great christmas and that 2009 is full of smiles and hugs.  it is sure to be an eventful year at the forston house!  i’m off to somehow organize the mountain of disney princess paraphernalia that has overtaken our house…


this morning, we awoke to an empty gallon of milk, so supermom decided to take both girls krogering.  we left with eggs, milk, sugar cookie dough, and a few other things i managed to grab in spite of the fact that lucy screamed from one end of the store to the other.  since i had both girls, there was limited space in the cart.  our groceries got piled around both girls.  in the process, a bag of salad and some coffee creamer somehow ended up under lucy’s carseat.  unfortunately, supermom didn’t realize it until the groceries (those that we had legitimately paid for) were in the car, and leslie was buckled into her carseat.  going back at that point just wasn’t an option…lucy was still screaming her head off.  she hates her carseat…even more than i hate feta cheese.  she screams like a banshee when we put her in it and doesn’t stop until she passes out from sheer exhaustion.  it’s awful.  so, i guess i’ll be going back to kroger this evening to pay for our stolen goods.  i’ll let michael stay home with the girls so as not to torture poor miss lucy unnecessarily.  here’s a picture of her from our trip to birmingham.  isn’t she lovely?


post thanksgiving craziness…

thanksgiving came and went, and then things got exciting around here.  michael was off work for 5 days (!!!), so we got a lot accomplished.  thanksgiving night we got all of our christmas decorations out, put the tree up, and hung the stockings.  we saved the decorating of the tree for the next day.  this was the first year that leslie has really been old enough to help put the ornaments on.  she loved it!


once the decorating was taken care of, we moved on to making some christmas gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a few other people we just happen to like a whole lot.  i decided to do salt dough ornaments this year, and it was so. much. fun.


after a full day of ornament-making and painting, we started getting ready to head south for timmy & mary’s wedding.  it is amazing how difficult it is to travel with 2 children!  i think it took us (and by “us,” I mean “me”) an entire week to get everything organized, packed, and loaded into the car.  on thursday night, we were finally ready to begin the drive to birmingham.  eight hours later – after a dinner at mcdonald’s, projectile vomiting, a serious diaper issue (like, up the back, ruin an outfit serious), and a few miles of britney spears style driving-with-your-baby-not-in-a-carseat-just-so-she’ll-stop-crying-please-god-just-for-a-minute – we arrived at net & bob’s beautiful new house.  it took us about an hour to unpack, get leslie back to sleep, feed lucy, set up the pack & play, and finally fall asleep…and, of course, 5 hours later it was time to get up again.  

friday night was the rehearsal dinner.  michael’s aunt leah did an awesome job decorating the place, and everybody had a great time.

img_3208aunt erin & katieimg_3222somebody just told timmy that the wedding is tomorrow!img_3228she is my mini-meimg_3240i’m pretty sure aunt leah could make a dungeon look inviting with enough christmas lights and candles.img_3245katie & aunt leahimg_3259roro snuggled with lucy…it’s a favorite thing of hisimg_3272this was a huge dog made of black & white fake carnations. leslie loved it. it was weird.

after a mostly sleepless night, we woke up saturday morning and got ready for the wedding.  leslie was so excited to see mary & timmy get married.  okay, she was mostly excited to see mary’s dress, but still.  it was an awesome wedding, awesome reception, and awesome get-together at net & bob’s house afterwards.  when mary walked down the aisle, leslie said “she’s GORGEOUS!” loud enough that the entire church full of people heard her.  she has not stopped talking about mary’s “gorgeous wedding dress” since we came home!  we were all exhausted by the end of the day saturday.  except for lucy.  she stayed awake until 3am.  sunday was not pretty.  but saturday was great…

img_3274especially the funfetti groom’s cake!  leslie approves.img_3295uncle will is sillyimg_3312after the wedding festivities, we put our nightgown on and terrorized homer for a while.

the trip home was less eventful than the trip down.  leslie caught up on her ‘little einstein’ and ‘tinkerbell,’ lucy slept, daddy drove, and i…well, i didn’t really do much.  we got home about 12:30am, and everybody went right to bed.  it was so nice to be back in our own beds…until i woke up at 3:30am with a stomach virus…and then again at 4:00am…and 4:30…and 5:00…you get the point.  i lost count after the 8th time.  but now everyone is well again and we’re looking forward to all the craziness that will be christmas!  falalalala!


it’s been a while…

let’s see…the thanksgiving list didn’t get done in time for the arrival of our guests, and that was okay.  nobody noticed the clumps of dog hair hiding in the corners…or if they did, they were nice enough to not mention it.  maybe they talked about me later, but i doubt it.  the meal was delicious, and being with our crazy family was awesome.  here are a few photos:

img_3159lucy got to meet her uncle will.  she likes him, and i’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

img_3150yia-yia carried one or both of her girls most of the day. they all loved it.

img_3145granny loves lucy.  how exciting for juice & goose to have all 4 of their great-grandmothers. they’re totally spoiled.

oh, yeah…this happened too:

img_3141smiles!  they are the best.

after thanksgiving, we got ready for cousin timmy’s wedding.  i’ll get around to posting about that later today.