my (almost) finished bathroom

when we moved into our house last august, there were a few things that had to be fixed immediately.  one of those things was the bathroom on the first floor.  it was a mess.  the tile was cracked on the floor and the walls, the tub was gross, the wallpaper was peeling…i could go on and on.  once we got most of the painting and easy stuff done in the rest of the house, michael started tearing the bathroom apart – literally.  he tore the entire floor up, and had to take 3 of the 4 walls completely down.  to say it was a mess would be a huge understatement.  and then?  we found out i was pregnant.  lovely.  there’s nothing like being pregnant and not having a bathroom on the same floor as your bedroom.  i cannot tell you how much i dreaded having to make a trip downstairs to the basement every night just to use the potty.  it was really awful.  

the deal was that the bathroom HAD to be finished by the time lucy arrived.  that didn’t happen, but i think that by the time she is 2 months old, we will have a completely finished bathroom.  all the major things are taken care of…we’re down to painting the ceiling and installing the crown moulding.  michael has done all the work by himself (with the exception of the electrical) and it looks great.  don’t believe me?  here’s a shot of the bathroom before we started down this road:


that picture is deceptive though.  you can’t see the broken, moldy tile in the shower or the nasty ceiling with hair and bugs caught in a mess of gooey hairspray residue.  in that picture, the bathroom actually doesn’t look half bad.  it was bad though.  trust me.  bad, bad, bad.  and dirty, too.  yuck.

here’s what it looks like now (you’ll have to tilt your head to the left…sorry):


did you notice the JACUZZI tub?  no?  here’s a close up of it:


it’s leslie’s favorite thing.  when she get in she says, “mommy, isn’t this wonderful?  it’s like a swimming pool!”  i think michael likes it, too…i’m a much nicer person after a nice, relaxing bath!

we’re so close…i predict it will be totally finished by thanksgiving, and it was SO worth the wait!


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