these girls of mine have had more pictures taken in the past 6 weeks than i’ve had in my entire life!  today, we went to portrait innovations.  normally i’m not one for posed pictures…they look fake and forced.  that feeling was reinforced today.  taking a two-year-old and a 7-week-old to POSE for pictures is insane.  seriously.

first, we arrive promptly at 10:20 for our scheduled appointment.  and then we waited 30 minutes for a photographer.  she put lucy in a wicker cradle with some sort of polyester, shiny covering on it.  ewww.  then, she tries to get leslie to sit on the ground, knees bent behind her, both hands on the weird cradle thing.  yeah right.  did i mention that leslie is TWO??  it was a disaster.

then, we moved on to the very trendy black background.  yuck.  note: two-year-olds do not do well with directions like, “sit on this stool and look at the wall.”  profile shots ensued.  lots of profile shots.  “can you get her to sit still?” the photographer asks.  ummm, again, she is TWO.  no, she will not sit still.  the whole time, lucy slept (thank goodness!).  

the thing i dislike the most about chain photography studios is that they make it IMPOSSIBLE to leave without 14,000 mediocre pictures of your kids.  they work their packages so that if you don’t spend at least $100 you pay exorbitant prices (to the tune of triple the price per sheet) to only buy 4 pictures.  so, $114 later (we had a $75 gift card, so it only cost us $40ish) we left with 14,000 pictures…and 6 holiday cards as a bonus.

i probably wouldn’t be so negative about the whole experience had we not just had pictures taken of the girls by erin.  her pictures captured our girls’ personalities and moods…not their inability to sit still or keep their knees bent just so.  i did not feel like i was going to have a stroke while erin snapped her pictures like i did today.  she let them be themselves and they were happy.  it shows.



see???  and, as an added bonus, there is no polyester in sight!

on the flipside, here’s a picture from today.  not awful, but a little too posed for me.


certainly not as happy as she was with erin taking her picture.

i think this family is done with the chain photography studios.  we prefer happy pictures with our knees and hands however they happen to fall!


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