gosh, it seems like i write about bedtime and/or naptime an awful lot, but they just happen to be the most stressful times of the day for us right now.  leslie is having some issues with being scared to go to sleep.  she is fine for her bath, story reading, and prayers…but as soon as michael goes to leave the room she starts screaming.  her screams are sincere…this is not just “i’m-screaming-to-be-a-brat.”  it’s the real deal.  tears.  choking.  coughing.  begging.  pleading.  sobbing.  can you hear my heart breaking yet?  what do you do when your two-year-old is scared to sleep?  i don’t know.  we’ve tried giving in and staying with her until she falls asleep, but when we leave the room she wakes up and the whole process begins again.  we talk about bedtime a lot and how jesus keeps us safe even though we can’t see him.  we pray for jesus to help her not be scared.  her routine has stayed the same in spite of lucy’s arrival.  i know it’s just a phase that lots of kids go through, but that doesn’t make it any easier to walk out of your daughter’s bedroom as she pleads, “mommy, wait for me!  don’t leave me!”  my sweet leslie has never been a good sleeper.  we had a period – maybe six months or so – when she would happily play in her bed until she went to sleep, sleep all night, nap every day, and wake up happy and smiling.  i am thankful for those six months and hopeful that we’ll see those days again:



One thought on “bedtime

  1. Julie

    We are in the SAME boat as you are with the sleeping thing. It all started when Brody started his MDO program. I think it’s just a phase, but it does SUCK going through it. Brody wakes up 3-4 times a night! Like you, he was a perfect sleeper from about 5 mos to 20 mos. Since then, who knows!?!? I hope the phase ends soon for us both!


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