halloween was a fun time at the forston house this year…until we got home.  then, things headed south pretty quickly, but we’ll save that story until after the pictures!

leslie was sleeping beauty (or “sleeting bootie” as she would tell you) and lucy was a pea.  they were both absolutely adorable.  we went to our church’s ‘trunk or treat’ first, where we met up with leslie’s best friends nate and lexie:

the theme of this year’s ‘trunk or treat’ was the academy awards, so each car was decorated as a movie.  one car was the disney princess movie, and leslie wanted to spend all of her time there.  we seriously came home with about 4 pieces of candy because she would not leave the princess car.  jasmine was there, and leslie thought she was the real deal.  her costume was awesome…she went with the street rat jasmine so as not to offend anyone with the skimpy, bare-belly version.  leslie was so excited to see her that it made me cry a little bit.  there’s just something about seeing your baby so completely happy that turns me to mush.  here’s leslie and jasmine:

when we did manage to wrangle her away from the princess car, she went for a pony ride:

went down the big slide with her daddy:

and snuck in a quick smooch with frankenstein:

lucy?  well, this is how lucy spent her first halloween:

from church, we came home and went to a few neighbors’ houses.  by the end of the night, we were all sufficiently exhausted and leslie was complaining that her belly hurt.  (she’d had no candy, and had barely eaten anything all day…genius mommy thought she was just gassy.)  michael carried her home, where she proceeded to vomit all over him, her princess dress, the porch, front door, and entryway.  (at least it wasn’t in the car though!)  my poor baby.  that’ll teach me to listen when she says her belly hurts!  

happy halloween


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