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thanksgiving procrastination

thanksgiving is three days away.  three.  oh.  dear.  we are hosting dinner for my family and michael’s family at our house, which is wonderful because it means that we don’t have to travel.  traveling is hard with two kids, it really is.  we found out just how hard it is this past weekend when we made our first trip to cincinnati since lucy joined our happy little family.  trust me when i tell you that traveling is hard.  we won’t go into all the details because that might make me freak out about our trip to (ohmygosh) alabama in two weeks.

so, thanksgiving is three days away.  my house resembles a war zone, and thanksgiving is three days away.  our bathroom still isn’t all the way finished, and thanksgiving is three days away.  did i mention that thanksgiving is three days away???  i have so much to do that i can’t even figure out where to start.  so what’s my solution?  i’ll make a list.  that’s right, i’ll waste valuable time creating a list of everything that still needs to be done instead of just doing it.  at least i’m an organized procrastinator.  here’s the list i came up with today:

  • vacuum entire house
  • scrub floors in kitchen, dining room, and bedroom (thanks to leslie’s apple juice mishap this morning!)
  • clean the bathrooms…all three of them
  • laundry
  • laundry
  • laundry
  • dust
  • change sheets on beds
  • return kitchen to some sort of functionality (who lives here, anyway?!?  they are messy, messy people!)
  • bake a sweet potato pie for my sweet husband whose only request this thanksgiving was a sweet potato pie
  • help leslie pick up her toys in the basement
  • wash and iron tablecloths and napkins
  • paint bathroom ceiling and put up crown moulding (obviously, this is michael’s department)
  • pick up the girls’ bedrooms

okay, so now i have a list of everything that needs to be done.  i’ve actually started the laundry (!!!) and plan to clean the bathrooms tonight after michael gets home.  the pie can wait until tomorrow, and the rest will hopefully happen sometime prior to thursday morning.  i love the holidays, and even though that list is long and my desire to start on it is (obviously) short, i can’t wait to have our crazy families together for a huge meal.  happy thanksgiving, everybody!  i’m off to work on that list…

2 girls, 2 nurses, 1 mommy, and a pediatrician

today was lucy’s 2 month check-up.  michael’s dad has been curious about leslie’s iron level (it was low when they tested it in may…long story that belongs in a totally different post), so i took her along to have her finger pricked.  our appointment was at 9.  oh. my. gosh.  what was i thinking when i made an appointment for 9 in the morning?  clearly, i must have had myself confused with super mom!  we did make it though, and everyone was clean and dressed, so it felt like a success.

when we arrived, we didn’t even have to sit down…that’s what happens when you’re the first appointment of the day!  we stripped lucy down to her diaper and weighed and measured her.  she’s 21 inches long and she weighs (holy cow!) 11 pounds, 11 ounces.  my baby girl likes to eat and it shows!  leslie weighed herself (isn’t she too young to be concerned about her weight?!?) and she is 31 pounds, 2 ounces…fully clothed with her shoes on.  once everyone had been weighed we went back to the exam room.  why on earth did i think that leslie would NOT freak out about having her thumb pricked and blood squeezed from it?!?  she lost it.  i mean, seriously…she totally lost it.  it took 2 nurses to get enough blood to test her iron level.  she’s a strong little booger, and she fought with every ounce of strength she could muster!  turns out, her level is up to 13.5 which is acceptable by roro’s standards!  leslie got to go to the treasure box, where she proceeded to pick out diamond rings for all the nurses and her doctor and insist that they all wear them.

back to the exam room, this time with dr. lagrew.  leslie flipped out when dr. lagrew wanted to check her ears, which was weird because that’s usually her favorite part (yes, my child is weird) of the exam.  she thinks it’s funny that dr. lagrew would think that there are birds in her ears.  well, today she completely lost it (for the second time, if you’re keeping track).  enter the nurse to physically restrain her so they could get a good look in her ears.  of course, she had an ear infection…no wonder she freaked out…it HURT!  so, leslie gets a sucker and finally gets herself calmed down.

dr. lagrew checked miss lucy out and gave her a clean bill of health.  (well, except for her snotty nose, which is just a cold, but definitely sucks when you’re only 8 weeks old!)  now, i had talked to leslie about the fact that lucy was going to get shots and warned her that her baby sister would probably cry a little bit.  we talked about the shots helping lucy to grow up big and strong like her big sister.  i told her that she got all the same shots when she was a baby.  well, it’s different when the nurses come in armed with sharp, pointy needles and make your baby sister scream and cry real tear drops!  when that happens, you completely lose it for the third time in less than an hour.  you scream things like, “stop hurting my baby sister!” and try to push the nurses away from her.  you get so upset that you don’t even care that you’ve dropped your prized sucker on the floor.  after all, this IS your third fit of the morning.  you are a professional fit-thrower, and NObody is going to hurt your baby sister.

our appointment couldn’t have lasted longer than 45 minutes, but it felt like 4 days.  in the end, though, all that matters is that both of my girls are (relatively) healthy, and if there was ever any doubt about leslie loving her baby sister, that’s gone now.  all in all, it was a success.

img_2967“lucy, you’re my best friend ever in my whole life.”

my (almost) finished bathroom

when we moved into our house last august, there were a few things that had to be fixed immediately.  one of those things was the bathroom on the first floor.  it was a mess.  the tile was cracked on the floor and the walls, the tub was gross, the wallpaper was peeling…i could go on and on.  once we got most of the painting and easy stuff done in the rest of the house, michael started tearing the bathroom apart – literally.  he tore the entire floor up, and had to take 3 of the 4 walls completely down.  to say it was a mess would be a huge understatement.  and then?  we found out i was pregnant.  lovely.  there’s nothing like being pregnant and not having a bathroom on the same floor as your bedroom.  i cannot tell you how much i dreaded having to make a trip downstairs to the basement every night just to use the potty.  it was really awful.  

the deal was that the bathroom HAD to be finished by the time lucy arrived.  that didn’t happen, but i think that by the time she is 2 months old, we will have a completely finished bathroom.  all the major things are taken care of…we’re down to painting the ceiling and installing the crown moulding.  michael has done all the work by himself (with the exception of the electrical) and it looks great.  don’t believe me?  here’s a shot of the bathroom before we started down this road:


that picture is deceptive though.  you can’t see the broken, moldy tile in the shower or the nasty ceiling with hair and bugs caught in a mess of gooey hairspray residue.  in that picture, the bathroom actually doesn’t look half bad.  it was bad though.  trust me.  bad, bad, bad.  and dirty, too.  yuck.

here’s what it looks like now (you’ll have to tilt your head to the left…sorry):


did you notice the JACUZZI tub?  no?  here’s a close up of it:


it’s leslie’s favorite thing.  when she get in she says, “mommy, isn’t this wonderful?  it’s like a swimming pool!”  i think michael likes it, too…i’m a much nicer person after a nice, relaxing bath!

we’re so close…i predict it will be totally finished by thanksgiving, and it was SO worth the wait!


these girls of mine have had more pictures taken in the past 6 weeks than i’ve had in my entire life!  today, we went to portrait innovations.  normally i’m not one for posed pictures…they look fake and forced.  that feeling was reinforced today.  taking a two-year-old and a 7-week-old to POSE for pictures is insane.  seriously.

first, we arrive promptly at 10:20 for our scheduled appointment.  and then we waited 30 minutes for a photographer.  she put lucy in a wicker cradle with some sort of polyester, shiny covering on it.  ewww.  then, she tries to get leslie to sit on the ground, knees bent behind her, both hands on the weird cradle thing.  yeah right.  did i mention that leslie is TWO??  it was a disaster.

then, we moved on to the very trendy black background.  yuck.  note: two-year-olds do not do well with directions like, “sit on this stool and look at the wall.”  profile shots ensued.  lots of profile shots.  “can you get her to sit still?” the photographer asks.  ummm, again, she is TWO.  no, she will not sit still.  the whole time, lucy slept (thank goodness!).  

the thing i dislike the most about chain photography studios is that they make it IMPOSSIBLE to leave without 14,000 mediocre pictures of your kids.  they work their packages so that if you don’t spend at least $100 you pay exorbitant prices (to the tune of triple the price per sheet) to only buy 4 pictures.  so, $114 later (we had a $75 gift card, so it only cost us $40ish) we left with 14,000 pictures…and 6 holiday cards as a bonus.

i probably wouldn’t be so negative about the whole experience had we not just had pictures taken of the girls by erin.  her pictures captured our girls’ personalities and moods…not their inability to sit still or keep their knees bent just so.  i did not feel like i was going to have a stroke while erin snapped her pictures like i did today.  she let them be themselves and they were happy.  it shows.



see???  and, as an added bonus, there is no polyester in sight!

on the flipside, here’s a picture from today.  not awful, but a little too posed for me.


certainly not as happy as she was with erin taking her picture.

i think this family is done with the chain photography studios.  we prefer happy pictures with our knees and hands however they happen to fall!


gosh, it seems like i write about bedtime and/or naptime an awful lot, but they just happen to be the most stressful times of the day for us right now.  leslie is having some issues with being scared to go to sleep.  she is fine for her bath, story reading, and prayers…but as soon as michael goes to leave the room she starts screaming.  her screams are sincere…this is not just “i’m-screaming-to-be-a-brat.”  it’s the real deal.  tears.  choking.  coughing.  begging.  pleading.  sobbing.  can you hear my heart breaking yet?  what do you do when your two-year-old is scared to sleep?  i don’t know.  we’ve tried giving in and staying with her until she falls asleep, but when we leave the room she wakes up and the whole process begins again.  we talk about bedtime a lot and how jesus keeps us safe even though we can’t see him.  we pray for jesus to help her not be scared.  her routine has stayed the same in spite of lucy’s arrival.  i know it’s just a phase that lots of kids go through, but that doesn’t make it any easier to walk out of your daughter’s bedroom as she pleads, “mommy, wait for me!  don’t leave me!”  my sweet leslie has never been a good sleeper.  we had a period – maybe six months or so – when she would happily play in her bed until she went to sleep, sleep all night, nap every day, and wake up happy and smiling.  i am thankful for those six months and hopeful that we’ll see those days again:



halloween was a fun time at the forston house this year…until we got home.  then, things headed south pretty quickly, but we’ll save that story until after the pictures!

leslie was sleeping beauty (or “sleeting bootie” as she would tell you) and lucy was a pea.  they were both absolutely adorable.  we went to our church’s ‘trunk or treat’ first, where we met up with leslie’s best friends nate and lexie:

the theme of this year’s ‘trunk or treat’ was the academy awards, so each car was decorated as a movie.  one car was the disney princess movie, and leslie wanted to spend all of her time there.  we seriously came home with about 4 pieces of candy because she would not leave the princess car.  jasmine was there, and leslie thought she was the real deal.  her costume was awesome…she went with the street rat jasmine so as not to offend anyone with the skimpy, bare-belly version.  leslie was so excited to see her that it made me cry a little bit.  there’s just something about seeing your baby so completely happy that turns me to mush.  here’s leslie and jasmine:

when we did manage to wrangle her away from the princess car, she went for a pony ride:

went down the big slide with her daddy:

and snuck in a quick smooch with frankenstein:

lucy?  well, this is how lucy spent her first halloween:

from church, we came home and went to a few neighbors’ houses.  by the end of the night, we were all sufficiently exhausted and leslie was complaining that her belly hurt.  (she’d had no candy, and had barely eaten anything all day…genius mommy thought she was just gassy.)  michael carried her home, where she proceeded to vomit all over him, her princess dress, the porch, front door, and entryway.  (at least it wasn’t in the car though!)  my poor baby.  that’ll teach me to listen when she says her belly hurts!  

happy halloween