we are still adjusting to lucy joining our family…turning us into a happy little foursome.  for the most part, it’s been much easier than we had anticipated.  leslie loves her baby sister and can’t wait to tell anybody who will listen that her name is ‘lucy goosey’ and that she is hers.  she has not acted out physically at all.  i was worried because it seems like everyone i know who’s had a second baby has had problems with the first baby hitting, biting, or wanting to get rid of the new baby in any way possible.  leslie is the opposite.  she snuggles, kisses, and hugs (sometimes a little too tightly) lucy all the time.  leslie has not regressed as far as potty training goes, which is a huge *HUGE* relief for this mommy!  she has, however, become a whiny, needy two-year-old.  so much so that michael actually said he can’t believe i’m not filling out job applications!  it is hard on both of us…well, all three of us, really.  as soon as lucy cries, leslie needs to be held.  she is not patient about this need at all.  if she is not held immediately, she flops down on the floor and says, “mommy! no be mean to me! please, mommy!” all the while crying great big crocodile tears.  it breaks my heart and drives me crazy all at the same time.  having two little ones is the best, and most difficult, thing i’ve ever done.  for now, we’ll just keep dealing with the tantrums as they occur and enjoying the hugs, snuggles, and kisses in the meantime.  leslie and mommy are also going to start having thursday morning adventures…just the two of us.  we are lucky enough to have an abundance of family close by, and ma just happens to love these girls like crazy, so she jumps at a chance to stay with them.  lucy will enjoy a little one-on-one time with her ma, and maybe the adventures with mommy will help leslie with her adjustment.  i’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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